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What does a Graphic Designer do?

A graphic designer works as a visual communication professional who creates concepts by hand or by using specialized computer software. Graphic designers may be responsible for creating communication ideas that inspire, inform and engage consumers. Graphic designers may utilize both physical and virtual art forms, such as words and images.


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Working as a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for ideating and generating visual art designs and may also be responsible for the following duties.

  • Utilize a variety of media, such as fonts, colors, animations, print design and photography.
  • Create graphics and designs using three-dimensional modeling, photography and image editing.
  • Design a variety of layouts, graphics, text and templates commonly seen on web pages.
  • Develop and design written, graphic, video, sound and other multimedia content.
  • Work with a creative team to design visuals for product branding and advertising campaigns.
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How much does a Graphic Designer make in the United States?

Average base salary

Average $21.20
Low $12.63
High $35.57
Non-cash benefit
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The average salary for a graphic designer is $21.20 per hour in the United States. 8.3k salaries reported, updated at September 21, 2023

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Where can a Graphic Designer earn more?

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Average $71,721 per year

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Common questions about for a Graphic Designer

Where do graphic designers work?

Graphic designers work in different environments. Some work for agencies that take commissions from clients either for one-off projects or for long-term projects. Others work at print houses, advertising agencies, in television and broadcasting and for multimedia companies. Some graphic designers work freelance from their own home or studio.

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What kinds of projects do graphic designers work on?

Graphic designers generally work on projects related to web design for blogs and websites, infographics and brochures, marketing content, advertising materials and design elements.

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Who do graphic designers work with?

Graphic designers work with anyone who has design needs. Some provide their services as part of a package, such as those working with print houses or within design agencies. Some graphic designers work directly with clients, liaising with a contact or team to refine the brief and complete the designs required.

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Is it difficult to become a graphic designer?

Are graphic designers in-demand?

Can graphic designers work from home?

Can graphic designers be self-taught?

Can graphic designers learn for free?

Is it possible to travel the world as a graphic designer?

What does a graphic designer do on a daily basis?

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