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What does a Janitor do?

A janitor maintains the interior, exterior or both a building. Janitors are also known as custodians. Most janitors work in office buildings, schools, hospitals or other large buildings that need to remain clean and sanitary. Janitors may work closely with the administrative staff of the office or building to keep track of any messes that need to be immediately addressed, general maintenance issues or ordering supplies.

Working as a Janitor

Janitors perform the following duties:

  • Garbage: Janitors monitor trash cans, usually emptying them daily and removing any large items.
  • Security: Janitors often hold the keys to the building and make sure all doors are appropriately locked or unlocked.
  • Maintenance: Janitors perform routine maintenance like changing lightbulbs or waxing floors.
  • Cleaning: Janitors perform spot cleaning as needed like mopping up spills or cleaning dirty windows.
  • Exterior: Some janitors may be responsible for exterior cleaning like shoveling snow or raking leaves.

How much does a Janitor make in the United States?

Average base salary
46.2k salaries reported, updated at Aug 10, 2020
per hour
The average salary for a janitor with 2 to 3 years of experience, Bachelor Degree, and 3 selected qualifications is $11.75 per hour in the United States.
Most common benefits
  • Commuter assistance
  • Wellness program
  • AD&D insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Flexible spending account
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Frequently asked questions
Common questions about being a Janitor

How much weight are you required to lift as a janitor?

The amount of weight a janitor should be able to lift depends on the specifics of the job. For example, some janitors may be reasonable for carrying heavy bags of salt to outdoor walkways when it snows, while some may not need to lift anything heavier than a hammer.

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What are the hours of work for a janitor?

Many janitors work full time, while some work part-time. Janitorial shifts depend on the type of building in which the janitor works. Office buildings often have janitorial staff come in after traditional work hours. Hospitals are open 24 hours, so there is usually a team of janitors to cover the whole day. School janitors usually work during school hours.

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