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How to become a Machine Learning Engineer

To work as a machine learning engineer, you need a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or similar fields. Some positions require Master's degree or Ph.D. depending on the requirements. You need knowledge of data science and software development including data structures, data modeling and software architecture. The role requires proficiency in mathematics, statistics, probability and algorithms.

Machine learning engineers must be able to code in Java, Python, C++ and Ruby. The job involves working in a team and requires exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. You must have experience with machine learning frameworks and libraries and not be afraid to fail.

How to become: Software Engineer · Data Scientist · Engineer · Data Engineer · Developer
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Typical qualifications for a Machine Learning Engineer

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Skills employers are looking for

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Machine Learning Engineer jobs in United States

Dassault Systèmes4
Waltham, MA
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23 hours ago
Samsung Research America3.9
Mountain View, CA
$44 - $63 an hour
in 17 seconds
Plano, TX
23 hours ago
Philadelphia, PA
23 hours ago
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Career progression for Machine Learning Engineer

Education levels for Machine Learning Engineers

Based on the requirements of Machine Learning Engineer job openings on Indeed in the United States within the last three years.
required level of educationpercent of job openings
Bachelor's degree2.0%
Master's degree1.0%
Doctoral degree0.0%
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Expected salary by experience

Based on resume data from Indeed users who reported working as a Machine Learning Engineer in the United States within the last three years.
Years of experienceAnnual salary in USD
0 - 4$117,700
4 - 8$121,600
8 - 12$130,100
12 - 16$136,100
16 - 20$138,700
20 - 24$139,800
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Common questions about career advices for a Machine Learning Engineer

What skills are needed for machine learning engineers?

To excel in their role, machine learning engineers must understand the fundamentals of computer science and programming including the use of Python, Java, R and C++. They need to be proficient in probability, statistics, data modeling and evaluation, deep learning, machine learning algorithms, software engineering and system design. The job requires excellent communication skills, the ability to work as a team and strong analytical knowledge.

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Is machine learning engineer a good career?

Machine learning is relatively new and is part of data science. Judging by the lucrative salaries data science jobs attract and the opportunity to work with innovative technology that will shape the future, a career in machine learning is interesting and fulfilling.

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Which language is better for machine learning?

The most popular programming language in machine learning is Python. However, machine learning engineers also use C++, Java, C#, R and JavaScript. The coding language depends on the project requirements.

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