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What does a Mental Health Technician do?

Mental health technicians are medical professionals who provide care for mentally ill or emotionally disturbed patients. They typically work under the supervision of a mental health professional, like a psychiatrist, doctor or nurse, and often work in hospitals or institutions.


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Working as a Mental Health Technician

Depending on their specific role or the environment in which they work, a mental health technician may:

  • Organize activities and therapy sessions.
  • Assist patients with personal tasks like bathing, grooming or feeding.
  • Administer prescribed medication.
  • Observe patients and gain insight into treatment options.
  • Maintain a calm setting.
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How much does a Mental Health Technician make in the United States?

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The average salary for a mental health technician is $90,444 per year in the United States. 22.4k salaries reported, updated at September 14, 2022

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Where can a Mental Health Technician earn more?

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Common questions about for a Mental Health Technician

On average, how many hours do you work each day as a mental health technician?

Mental health technicians work an average of eight hours per day. However, because many hospitals and residential facilities operate 24 hours a day, many mental health technicians work nights, weekends and holidays.

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Is mental health technician considered to be an 'in-demand' occupation?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for mental health technicians is projected to grow 12% from 2018 to 2028, faster than average for all occupations. As the U.S. population ages and people live longer, the demand for this position is expected to increase in order to provide adequate care for patients.

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Is being a mental health technician physically demanding?

The work can be physically demanding, requiring mental health technicians to lift patients at times. They may also work with patients who are physically uncooperative, which can potentially result in injuries.

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Are there different types of mental health technicians?

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