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What does a Nail Technician do?

A nail technician is a beauty professional who is in charge of the priming and look of a customer's toenails and fingernails. Nail technicians offer different services ranging from nail shaping, manicures and pedicures.


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Working as a Nail Technician

A nail technician may function in the following ways:

  • Cleaning fingernails and toenails
  • Filing and priming fingernails and toenails before polishing
  • Creaming and treating the skin of the hands and feet
  • Taking away dead skin from the hands and feet
  • Massaging the skin of the hands and feet to improve circulation of blood and relaxation
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How much does a Nail Technician make in the United States?

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The average salary for a nail technician is $22.52 per hour in the United States. 7.5k salaries reported, updated at July 28, 2022.

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Where can a Nail Technician earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in United States?

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Common questions about for a Nail Technician

What are the workplaces for nail technicians?

The following are the workplaces for nail technicians:

  • Salons and spas are the most common workplaces for nail technicians
  • Nail technicians can also work at a specialized nail salon
  • They can work at on a Cruise Ship
  • Nail technicians can work at a Beauty School or at a Community College
  • They can also work as sales representatives
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What are the health hazards involved with being a nail technician?

Due to the nature of the job, nail technicians can be open to blood-borne infections and illnesses like HIV and other communicable diseases. If nail technicians come in contact with the pierced skin of an infected client, they can be infected with these potentially life-threatening illnesses. It is, therefore, necessary that nail technicians must observe all established safety precautions for the profession.

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How much does a Nail Tech Program cost?

Program costs generally depend on the curriculum and location. Other factors include the hours of instruction required by your State, whether you attend part-time or full-time, the facilities and equipment available, if the school is private, for-profit, or an established brand institute.

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Are nail technicians in high demand?

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