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How to become a Sales Manager

To work as a sales manager, start by completing your education. Though not always a requirement, education makes you stand out among other applicants. You can further develop your sales skills by seeking a sales certification course. The second step is to gain experience in an entry-level sales role to help you strengthen your skills in communication and customer service. The third step is to improve your sales performance. You can do that by accepting more responsibilities and helping struggling team members. By improving your performance, you demonstrate your advance sales skills and prove your readiness for a leadership role. Finally, you can start applying for sales manager positions. While you can seek an open sales manager position with other companies, enquiring about any opening at your current role may prove very successful.

What skills help Sales Managers find jobs?

  • Sales Experience
  • Sales Management
  • Management Experience
  • Leadership Experience
  • B2B Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Negotiation
  • Team Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Furniture Sales
  • Marketing
  • Time Management

Career progression for Sales Manager

Education levels for Sales Managers

0%5%8%35%51%Doctoral DegreeMaster's DegreeAssociate's DegreeHigh School Diploma or GEDBachelor's Degree

Based on the requirements of Sales Manager job openings on Indeed in the United States within the last three years.

Expected salary by experience

0-44-88-1212-1616-2020-24Years of experience39k47k55k63k72kAnnual salary in USD

Based on resume data from Indeed users who reported working as a Sales Manager in the United States within the last three years.

Common qualifications for Sales Managers

  • Driver's License
  • Motorcycle License
  • Life Insurance License
  • HACCP Certification
  • Real Estate License
  • Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Property & Casualty License
  • CPR Certification
  • FINRA License
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • AED Certification
  • CDL C
Frequently asked questions
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What skills do sales managers need to succeed in their duty?

Here are some skills that can help sales managers perform their daily activities:

  • Customer service: Will help them understand concerns, mediate conflicts and close sales.
  • Communication: Strong people skills help them work with both team members and customers.
  • Analysis: analytical skills are important in evaluating and reporting sales numbers.
  • Problem-solving: To solve problems for customers and find solutions to issues that would affect sales goals.
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