15 Retail Jobs That Pay Well

Retail jobs are positions in which you assist in the sale of goods to the public. This includes department stores, boutiques, jewelers, shoe stores, grocery stores, technology outlets, standalone kiosks and more.

Positions in the retail industry can help you practice communication and management skills among others, while earning an income and industry experience.

There are a variety of retail roles available at all skill and experience levels with many opportunities for career advancement. Because positions can be part-time, full-time or seasonal, working in retail is an excellent option for anyone seeking flexible employment.

To help in your search, consider these high-paying retail jobs where you’ll earn significantly more than minimum wage.

1. Cashier
    National Average Salary: $11.30 per hour

    Primary Duties: Cashiers work at cash registers to receive customer payments and provide change and purchase receipts. They also issue refunds or store credit for returned merchandise, count money in register drawers before and after each shift, answer customer questions and escalate customer complaints to management.

    Companies with this position: Walmart, Target, Taco Bell

2. Retail Sales Associate
    National Average Salary: $11.40 per hour

    Primary Duties: A retail sales associate is responsible for helping customers find products and make a purchase decision. They greet customers, respond to questions, locate products in the store and place orders for out-of-stock items on behalf of customers. They may also operate cash registers and handle financial transactions.

    Companies with this position: Macy’s, Nike, Nordstrom

3. Counter Attendant
    National Average Salary: $11.48 per hour

    Primary Duties: Counter attendants stand at counters or kiosks and greet customers, answer customer questions, make product recommendations, process product returns and operate cash registers. They may also demonstrate products, up-sell customers on additional items, explain credit or financing options and prepare orders completed online or over the phone.

    Companies with this position: Stars and Strikes, Subway, NAPA Auto Parts

4. Stylist
    National Average Salary: $11.97 per hour

    Primary Duties: A retail stylist usually works for a clothing store and offers advice and recommendations to help customers achieve their desired look. They assist them in finding merchandise, selecting the appropriate sizes and pairing accessories. They may also be responsible for scheduling appointments for garment fittings and providing suggestions for alterations.

    Companies with this position: David’s Bridal, J. Crew, JC Penny

5. Stocker
    National Average Salary: $12.03 per hour

    Primary Duties: Stockers, or stock clerks, unload and unpack merchandise shipments, label them with price tags or codes, stock shelves and build store displays. They help monitor inventory and may be tasked with placing orders when stock runs low. Stockers often work after-hours when customers are not inside the store.

    Companies with this position: Costco, Dollar Tree, Target

6. Shop Assistant
    National Average Salary: $12.13 per hour

    Primary Duties: A shop assistant’s primary responsibility is to ensure customers have a positive experience. They make themselves available to shoppers throughout the store, answer questions, help customers locate items and provide product advice. They may also be tasked with helping to keep shopping areas clean and presentable between working with customers.

    Companies with this position: Bath & Body Works, Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret

7. Retail Merchandiser
    National Average Salary: $12.42 per hour

    Primary Duties: A retail merchandiser is someone who acts as the liaison between retail stores and buyers, distributors and suppliers. They plan store layouts and displays and help determine which products stores should keep in stock based on local or seasonal trends. They may assist with additional duties such as monitoring product inventory and placing orders.

    Companies with this position: Hallmark, Fry’s Electronics, The Home Depot

8. Beauty Consultant
    National Average Salary: $13.07 per hour

    Primary Duties: A beauty consultant often works at a makeup counter in a department store, cosmetics store or drugstore. They’re responsible for helping customers find products, making suggestions, answering product-specific questions, applying makeup on customers to demonstrate how products work and assisting customers in making a purchase decision. They may also operate cash registers, help stock shelves, record sales and place orders for more merchandise.

    Companies with this position: Ulta, Sephora, CVS

9. Loss Prevention Manager
    National Average Salary: $13.76 per hour

    Primary Duties: Loss prevention managers are tasked with minimizing lost merchandise or company property due to theft and damage. They develop plans and procedures to reduce loss and train retail employees on safety programs and best practices for spotting and reporting shoplifting. They also monitor video surveillance footage, test alarm systems and respond to store burglaries.

    Companies with this position: Burlington Stores, Sears, Gap

10. Floor Manager
    National Average Salary: $44,874 per year

    Primary Duties: A floor manager hires, trains and supervises all floor staff. They’re responsible for ensuring shopping areas are clean and presentable, displays remain intact and customers get the help they need. They typically answer customer questions, field customer feedback and complaints, and direct customers to the appropriate department for their needs.

    Companies with this position: Lowe’s, Lush Cosmetics, Ace Hardware

11. Customer Service Supervisor
    National Average Salary: $47,519 per year

    Primary Duties: A customer service supervisor is someone who manages a team of customer service staff to ensure they’re meeting company expectations and delivering a quality experience. They are typically in charge of hiring and training new customer service professionals. Customer service supervisors sometimes assist with general customer service duties such as greeting customers, answering questions, handling complaints, helping locate products and managing merchandise returns.

    Companies with this position: Office Depot OfficeMax, Whole Foods Market, Kohl’s

12. Store Manager
    National Average Salary: $48,150 per year

    Primary Duties: A store manager is responsible for hiring, training and supervising all retail store staff, monitoring store activities, managing budgets and maintaining financial records. Common tasks include creating team schedules, handling escalated customer complaints and ensuring their store meets its sales goals.

    Companies with this position: Dollar General, Starbucks, T-Mobile

13. Retail Account Manager
    National Average Salary: $48,841 per year

    Primary Duties: A retail account manager works on behalf of a manufacturer or supplier to sell merchandise to retail companies and maintain ongoing relationships with existing clients. They’re responsible for meeting retail clients’ needs by setting up regular meetings and check-ins, introducing and demonstrating new products and helping clients place orders.

    Companies with this position: Benefit Cosmetics, Vineyard Vines, AT&T

14. General Manager
    National Average Salary: $54,206 per year

    Primary Duties: General managers are responsible for coordinating all efforts and activities of multiple departments, store locations or store regions as well as warehouses and storage facilities. They are often tasked with hiring and training new staff members and providing coaching and mentorship to existing staff members. They also oversee administrative tasks such as accounting and payroll.

    Companies with this position: Domino’s, Best Buy, Planet Fitness

15. Regional Manager
    National Average Salary: $77,408 per year

    Primary Duties: Regional managers are responsible for supervising the operations of all stores within an assigned area. They visit stores to inspect visual appearance and ensure staff is complying with all company policies and procedures, including safety measures and customer service expectations. They manage budgets and store performance to the senior management team.

    Companies with this position: Ulta, Pizza Hut, Lowe’s

Skills for retail jobs

To succeed in these high paying retail jobs, you’ll need a variety of personal strengths and skills, such as:

While many retail organizations offer training on the job, some may have specific educational requirements, such as completion of a specific degree or certification program. You may also need industry-specific knowledge.

Choosing to work in retail will help you develop important skills that you can easily transfer to any industry, and can assist you in advancing your career.