How to become a Server

Most server jobs do not require specific qualifications, although a high school diploma is usually required. The work can be physically demanding, so it's important to be fit and able to stay on your feet for entire shifts. Servers also need to have good memories for customer orders and be able to multi-task when it comes to serving several customers at a time. Servers need to have excellent customer service skills and many restaurants have targets for their servers to achieve, so sales skills are also an asset.

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What skills help Servers find jobs?

  • Serving Experience
  • Restaurant Experience
  • Hospitality Experience
  • Bartending
  • Culinary Experience
  • Guest Relations Experience
  • Basic Math
  • Food Industry
  • Food Service
  • Customer Service
  • Sanitation
  • Aloha POS
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Career progression for Server

Education levels for Servers

Based on the requirements of Server job openings on Indeed in the United States within the last three years.

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Expected salary by experience

Based on resume data from Indeed users who reported working as a Server in the United States within the last three years.

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Common qualifications for Servers

  • Food Handler Certification
  • TABC Certified
  • Bartender License
  • TIPS
  • OLCC Service Permit
  • ServSafe
  • MAST Permit
  • Driver's License
  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • Certified Dental Assistant
  • Food Safety Certification
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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about career advices for a Server

What other qualities do you need to be a Server?

Servers will spend most of their shifts on their feet, walking around and carrying orders which can be heavy, so it is important to be physically fit. Servers will also be the first point of contact for customers who want to make a complaint, so they need to be diplomatic and calm under pressure.

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