What does a Sous Chef do?

A sous chef is usually the second in command in a professional kitchen and acts as an assistant to the head chef. They prepare food, organize the line and plate food along with taking responsibility for other kitchen staff. A sous chef must have knowledge of food and also have some managerial skills.

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Working as a Sous Chef

  • Work with the executive chef to create menus and dishes according to the restaurant's vision.
  • Maintain order in the kitchen and supervise other kitchen staff, including disciplinary actions when needed, and provide incentives for staff members to create a positive working environment.
  • Monitor inventory and order supplies when necessary.
  • Recruit and train new chefs and kitchen employees to meet the standards of the restaurant and the kitchen.
  • Implement and follow sanitation and safety regulations and make sure the kitchen staff is trained and following all regulations.
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How much does a Sous Chef make in the United States?

6.6k salaries reported, updated at June 9, 2021
per year

The average salary for a sous chef is $47,720 per year in the United States.

Most common benefits

  • Partner benefits
  • Gym membership
  • AD&D insurance
  • Employee discount
  • Commuter assistance
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Where can a Sous Chef earn more?

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions about being a Sous Chef

Is being a sous chef a good career choice?

Sous chef is a great career choice for those with a passion for cooking who are planning to build a professional career in it.

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What are the responsibilities of a sous chef?

The responsibilities of a sous chef are:

  • Planning and directing food preparation
  • Leading a team in the head chef's absence
  • Organising and overseeing the kitchen operation
  • Working closely with the restaurant management
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How many hours a week does a sous chef work?

Most chefs work close to 40 hours a week. Sous chefs along with the other chefs usually work in split shifts including at weekends and evenings.

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