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Common questions about for a Surgical Technician

What is the job outlook for a surgical technician?

Surgical technicians will continue to be necessary in the operating room and the job outlook is positive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this job is expected to see a 9% growth through 2028 which will lead to high demand for surgical technicians.

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What kind of skills should a surgical technician have?

Surgical technicians rely on a combination of:

  • Technical skills, such as surgical procedure processes and technology, patient care, aseptic technique and CPR training
  • Soft skills, such as active listening skills, communication skills and critical thinking and organizational skills
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How can surgical technicians advance their career?

Surgical technicians can further their careers by becoming specialized in areas like tissue repair, organ transplants or reconstructive surgery. Advancement to the role of first assistant is also possible after completing some additional training.

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How do surgical technicians keep their certifications updated?

How can I know if I am being paid fairly as a surgical technician?

How long does it take to complete the surgical technician programs?

Is surgical technician a good career?

Can you become a surgical technician without a degree?

What other jobs can surgical technicians do?

How many hours do surgical technicians work?

Is surgical technician a stressful job?

How do I become a surgical technician?

What do surgical technicians wear at work?

Can you take surgical technician programs online?

Can you wear makeup as a surgical technician?

Which states require surgical technicians to be certified in order to be employed?

Where do surgical technicians work?

Can I become a surgical technician with no experience?

What are the duties of a surgical technician?

What is a typical day for a surgical technician?

Do surgical technicians work part time?

Do surgical technicians get raises?

Do surgical technicians receive benefits?

Do surgical technicians get overtime pay?

Can a surgical technician become a surgeon?

What is the difference between surgical technician and surgical assistant?

How much do similar professions to surgical technician get paid?

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