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How much does a Trimmer make in the United States?

Average base salary
1.6k salaries reported, updated at Jul 03, 2020
per hour
The average salary for a trimmer is $13.95 per hour in the United States.
Most common benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Employee discount
  • Matching gift program
  • 401(k)
  • Employee assistance program

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What does a Trimmer do?

A trimmer is a grounds worker who maintains the grounds around a house, a business or even a park. Trimmers trim trees or shrubs for aesthetic reasons or if vegetation is suffering from a disease or dying. Cannabis bud trimmers may be tasked with harvesting marijuana as well as weighing and packaging trimmed buds. Cannabis bud trimmers may be found working for dispensaries where cannabis is legal.

Working as a Trimmer

The responsibilities of a trimmer vary and may include:

  • Maintaining the health of trees and shrubs on the grounds
  • Diagnosing diseases in the case of unhealthy growth
  • Maintaining the aesthetics of trees and shrubs on the grounds
  • Cutting away extra branches or dead vegetation
  • Tending to all vegetation in accordance with a client's requests
Frequently asked questions
Common questions about being a Trimmer

Do trimmers need any license?

Some states require specific licensure for trimmers. This requirement is solely for people who are tasked with the application of fertilizers or pesticides.

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What kind of equipment do trimmers use?

The list of equipment and tools used by a trimmer is extensive. In terms of cutting, trimmers may use hand saws, hedge trimmers and hand pruners. Most commonly, they will use chainsaws. For rigging, trimmers use such tools as pulleys, cable hoists and winches. Trimmers may also use climbing equipment such as spurs, straps and rope.

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Is being a trimmer dangerous?

Due to the extensive use of tools, machinery and equipment required when working as a trimmer, accidents can happen. Therefore, trimmers must focus on safety and use safety equipment such as helmets and goggles when needed.

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