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What does a Tutor do?

A tutor is an adult, usually a teacher or other expert, who gives individual instruction to a student in need of assistance with a particular academic subject. The instruction is usually one-on-one and geared toward the student's individual needs in that subject. Sometimes, the tutor is helping the student prepare for a specific event or exam.

Tutors may also be referred to as instructors or teachers. Most tutors are certified teachers, although some may only have knowledge and experience in the field rather than a teaching certification.


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Working as a Tutor

The typical work environment for a tutor includes:

  • Working in a variety of places including offices specifically designed for tutoring sessions
  • Helping students prepare for a particular test, such as the SAT, LSAT, MCAT or GMAT
  • Working as independent contractors, with instruction often taking place in either the school, the tutor's office or residence or in the student's home
  • Flexible schedule
  • Working with other instructors or one-on-one with your client
  • Devising an individually tailored lesson plan designed to help their client prepare for a test or improve their performance in the specified subject
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How much does a Tutor make in the United States?

Average base salary

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The average salary for a tutor is $24.80 per hour in the United States. 153.9k salaries reported, updated at August 4, 2022.

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Where can a Tutor earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in United States?

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Common questions about for a Tutor

Is a tutor's schedule flexible?

Overall, being a tutor is a job that has a lot of flexibility and usually allows a teacher or other expert to earn additional money using the knowledge they already have.

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How much do similar professions to tutors get paid?

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Can tutors work from home?

Yes, tutors can work from home. While tutoring may more commonly be done face-to-face, there are several ways to tutor remotely. Tutors may prefer to work remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Can a tutor provide assistance in more than one subject?

As a tutor how do you determine your rate?

Do tutors need to be certified?

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