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Great online programWritten by a former student on January 5, 2023
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
I got to improve my career path by attending and finishing my degree program at GCU. My work in all my classes provided a more complete understanding of what I had already learned from my previous degree. The teachers and staff were great!
Most Test preparationWritten by a former student on December 24, 2022
licensed Substance Abuse Counseling Associate
This program should offer more Information about testing for the LCAS Exam. There is a lot of information that is covered, however more time could have been spent being an intern.
Grand CanyonWritten by a former student on December 24, 2022
Human services/psychology/RN license
This is an amazing school if you want to work on your own pace this is the school to choose. I am currently going back to school for further education
I would recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on November 25, 2022
Dual Licensure General Education and Special Education
Great college staff flexible for working adults and online courses help busy families be able to attend school. Difficult during Covid19 to do student teaching but I was already finished with my credit hours needed well before courses earned my time spent in classroom 35 hours week and was included ind general education setting and inclusive classroom 180 hours para PO work keys assistant degree to begin college courses.
GCUWritten by a former student on November 6, 2022
Teacher License
I enjoyed my experience at GCU. I received my bachelor and masters degree here. My professors were very nice and open to helping us if we didn't understand the assignment. My counselors were very helpful and was there from the beginning of school to the day I graduated
intern for Masters Degree/ EmploymentWritten by a former student on November 4, 2022
Bachelor's Degree, Bachelor's Degree in Arts
I loved GCU, everyone worked hard at helping the student to be successful in their field of study. The class was started in the Loud Cloud System and then upgraded to the HALO system. I learned a lot in leadership skills and global ministry. I am currently seeking an intern placement to receive my Master's Degree in Addiction Counseling
EducationWritten by a former student on October 31, 2022
Very flexible, instructors always available, student services helpful and knowledgeable, had the best help with classes needed and financial services.
Education ServicesWritten by a former student on October 28, 2022
education services
I really love GCU and recommend anyone wanting to do online schooling to go there. I was able to choose my own schedule, I loved most of the instructors, and they were great to work with. Now going on to get my Master's.
GCUWritten by a former student on October 23, 2022
Bachelor's Degree in Applied Management
I am an accomplished radiologic technologist with over ten years experience. I recently completed my Bachelors of Science in Applied Management. I am pursuing a new career path with my degree.
Principal CertificationWritten by a former student on October 21, 2022
Since receiving my principal Certification, I have been working as acting principal in my elementary school. I have learned a lot while teaching my students.
Professional Educator License ReviewWritten by a former student on October 17, 2022
I enjoyed getting my professional educator's license online through Grand Canyon University. The courses were easy to follow, and there was always good communication. I also enjoyed being able to work while I attended college online.
I would recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on September 18, 2022
Master's of Science in Biology
Grand Canyon University's online courses allowed me to study and research according to my schedule. The counselors quickly respond to phone calls and issues that may come up. The professors respond within a day or two and are very knowledgeable in their field of study. The best way around areas of confusion is to have an online study partner, exchange phone numbers, and discuss the lessons together. This process strengthens the alliance within the program and dismisses guesswork. Online courses may at times bring on feelings of isolation. This is the reason to have a study partner.
I would recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on August 27, 2022
Creative Design
The Heart shall lead the mind! I loved the experience and it taught me that anything is possible if you put your heart into it!! The whole atmosphere was energetic and at the same time peacefully done. The professor was wonderful with her guidance and the way she led the class with instructions on how to download and accomplish the online school system.
EducatorsWritten by a former student on August 15, 2022
Master's degree in Secondary Education
What I liked the most about my school is the flexibility of the scheduling. The program has the ability to allow student teaching to be completed during the Master's program. Also, the teachers are very knowledgeable of the careers associated with the classes that are assigned for the graduated programs.
Bachelors at GCUWritten by a former student on July 28, 2022
Bachelor's Degree in Government
Flexible schedule, online classes for every program! I was also able to get a scholarship which helped a lot. Campus is very nice if you go to in person classes

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