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You will use these techniques daily. Techniques such as deescalating interpersonal situation, crucial conversations, applying positive vs. negative reinforcement, redirecting and behavior modification techniques. For example: You are responsible for two individuals (parental or other) who you want to wash the dishes. One individual is washing the dishes, the other is upset and does not want to participate; what do you do? CORRECT: Address the individual who is participating and model the positive outcome i.e., Hey person X you're doing a great job with this. This is exactly what I want, well done!!" INCORRECT: Address the individual who is not participating using any number of techniques e.g., questioning, threatening, discussing, 'heavy hand', negative reinforcement. WHY: Much like touch is a positive reinforcement, communication is a form of positive reinforcement. By addressing the person who is not doing it right you actually send a message of positive reinforcement, which reinforces the unwanted behavior. This can lead to individuals performing the unwanted behavior in other situations simply to get the attention which is the reward. Simply put: Ignore the unwanted behavior, model the wanted behavior and only reinforce the wanted behavior.
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