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Portland Community College is located in Portland, OR, but also offers classes online. This school offers training in 92 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being First Aid Certification, Food Handler Certification, and Accounting. Time to complete this education training ranges from 1 hour to 2 years depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 6 months. The cost to attend Portland Community College ranges from $58 to $12,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $1,185. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, "I received grants and/or scholarship funding".

The most commonly reported benefits of attending Portland Community College are "Good teachers" and "Positive environment", but respondents also mentioned "Hands-on training" and "Good career preparation" as notable benefits. Portland Community College has been reviewed 95 times, with an average rating of 4.24 out of 5. About 94% of reviewers would recommend Portland Community College to a friend.

School Information

1 hour - 2 years
Accounting clerk certification Computer operations Accounting Degree in Business CAD Certified Supply Chain Professional Certified Management Accountant Plant Journeyman Electrician Apprenticeship Certification Facilities Maintenance Technology Acccount Clerk GIS HVAC-Facilities Maintenance Certificate CCHI Certified HealthCare Interpreter (SPANISH) AAS - General/Legal CPR Certification AED Certification First Aid Certification Welding Certification Certified Pool Operator CPR/Recognizing child abuse & neglect Computer Aided Design and Drafting Certified Administrator ACT WorkKeys NCRC Certificate# QNBW6QBW1JDR Airframe and Powerplant License Addiction Counselor Certificate Paramedic Certificate CRM Certificate First Aid & AED Certificate Forklift Certification Unarmed Security Officer - DPSST National Career Readiness Certificate Gold Star from the State of Oregon Certified Administrative Professional Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) OSHA 30 Food Handler Certification Entry Level Accounting Clerk Certificate food handlers license Web Assistant II Certified Property Manager Dementia certified Certificate in Computer Science CNA/CNA2 Certificate HPNA Certificate Hvac installation certificate HVAC Installer commercial applicator license (Pest Control) BPI Home Performance Certified Building Analyst Envelope/Shell Specialist Heating Specialist Medical Coding Certification Radiation Safety Certified Medical Assistant in Phlebotomy Grant Writing Course Certificate of Completion RHS certificate Hunter Alignment Certificate PAS Certificate CNA Certified CADC I Certificate Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Management Certificate in Network Security Training Medical Coding Certificate One-year Certificate for Accounting Clerk CompTIA Network+ Biological Science Certificate Restorative Functions Certificate Dual shield all position 1/8" to unlimited thickness plate 24"&up Pipe Certificate Google Analytics Certification Driver's License Registered Nurse (RN) Patient-Centered Medical Home Substance Abuse Counseling Certification CCNA Networking certificate 18-CRM-064 recovery mentor Corrections Technician AA General Studies Certificate Business and Residential Mediation Mental Health First Aid Certificate EMT Certification Entry Level Accounting Clerk Web Assistant I Activitie Director Certification Oregon RN License Sole Proprietor/General Contractor Activity Director Certificate Brazing License ABOC COA certificate Certificate Recovery Specialist career pathway certificate Limited Maintenance Electrician Certificate


  • Accounting clerk certification: $3,000
  • Computer operations: $1,200
  • Accounting: $2,000
  • Degree in Business: $520
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional: $1,800
  • Certified Management Accountant: $5,000
  • Plant Journeyman Electrician Apprenticeship Certification: $4,500
  • Facilities Maintenance Technology: $15,000
  • Acccount Clerk: $8,000
  • HVAC-Facilities Maintenance Certificate: $32,000
  • CCHI Certified HealthCare Interpreter (SPANISH): $400
  • CPR Certification: $200
  • AED Certification: $200
  • First Aid Certification: $200 - $5,000
  • CRM Certificate: $300
  • Unarmed Security Officer - DPSST: $3,000
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): $1,100
  • Food Handler Certification: $12,000
  • Dementia certified: $1,000
  • Certificate in Computer Science: $788
  • CNA/CNA2 Certificate: $1,185
  • HVAC Installer: $5,000
  • commercial applicator license (Pest Control): $58
  • BPI Home Performance Certified Building Analyst: $1,300
  • Envelope/Shell Specialist: $1,300
  • Heating Specialist: $1,300
  • Medical Coding Certification: $2,500
  • Radiation Safety Certified: $250
  • PAS Certificate: $1,500
  • CNA Certified: $1,400
  • Restorative Functions Certificate: $8,000
  • Driver's License: $400
  • 18-CRM-064 recovery mentor: $1,000
  • Corrections Technician: $1,000
  • AA General Studies Certificate: $1,000
  • Business and Residential Mediation: $450
  • EMT Certification: $2,000
  • Activitie Director Certification: $300
  • Sole Proprietor/General Contractor: $2,000
  • Activity Director Certificate: $300
  • Brazing License: $498
  • Limited Maintenance Electrician Certificate: $400


Total undergraduate population*


Undergraduate population breakdown*
Native American
Pacific Islander

*Source: College Scorecard, 2019

What do students think about this program?

Top pros

Good teachers Mentioned in 57 reviews
Positive environment Mentioned in 44 reviews
Hands-on training Mentioned in 41 reviews

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Affordable, Helpful career services


Only one class is offered once a semester there is no other option to take another class, if you miss this class you'll have to wait an entire year until you can take that class you missed.

Other comments

You have class typically once a week for 3 hours of lecture and you have a quiz every week and homework that is due the following week. During the Summer you'll need to attend class twice a week due to a shortened semester.


Flexible class hours, Good teachers, Helpful career services, Good career preparation

Other comments

I have a child, and the course were very flexible. The teachers were very helpful. I learned new things that I was not aware of. This certificate is great to have.

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