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Fast and AffordableWritten by a former student on November 16, 2022
Easily accessed, takes a little time but worth it for jobs in the food industry. Opens up more job opportunities, as well as makes it easier for employers to add you to a list of qualified candidates.
Premier food safetyWritten by a former student on November 16, 2022
Online could take classes on own time, anytime. practice quizzes available. Available on laptop, desktop, and phone. Easy site to navigate. Once you pass you are able to download your certificate and card to print it out.
Food HandlersWritten by a former student on November 5, 2022
It was fine, no complaints except that it was glitchy when I tried to move to landscape view by turning my phone. The video kept getting stuck in one position and I couldn’t zoom in or out to right it.
Food handlerWritten by a former student on November 2, 2022
It was useful into going into careers with food handling and knowing this information being able to expand my knowledge was very helpful and always being quick and efficient with my work.
EducationalWritten by a former student on October 26, 2022
Premier Food Safety Certified
I did learn a lot from this training. The ability to train at your convenience and come back if you don't have time to complete the entire course at one time was a plus. The teaching method: Learned about food temperature, how to stack food shelves in cooler, how to defrost various types of protein.
HelpfulWritten by a former student on October 25, 2022
Quick and easy program. Good information, and they make it simple to learn and retain the information. This stuff should be common knowledge for anyone who cooks.
Efficient and effectiveWritten by a former student on October 20, 2022
Very time efficient and informative. Gives a great sense for food safety. It’s necessary to choose correctly when trying to achieve food handler safety and this was a great option.
Easy and CheapWritten by a former student on October 11, 2022
My experience while doing my food handlers online was very easy and cheap (less then $10). I got a job right after receiving it and doesn’t expire until 4 years.
Gets the basics of food safety down.Written by a former student on October 11, 2022
Since it is an online course it is possible to do this in one day to whenever is convienient for you, letting you take it at your own pace. It is good to get the basics down, though I would reccomend studying the list beyond the course to better retain the information provided.
I would recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on September 22, 2022
This course helps you be aware of food safety precautions as well as common kitchen slang used to keep hostesses and all kitchen staff safe! For roughly seven dollars is an incredible value for job searching potential. It yields higher rates of a return in correspondence to those who might be interested in trying jobs in the food industry.
Arizona Food Handler's CardWritten by a former student on September 12, 2022
Online course has a duration of 90min. Questions have review points to make sure key information is retained. From temperature danger zones to FIFO to storing dry goods, the test goes over all areas of the kitchen to understand how to best keep product and have minimal waste.
Review of Premier FoodsWritten by a former student on September 8, 2022
Not a bad course. Info was structured well and easy to digest. The platform could use some updating but I did not find that it impeded my ability to gather info.
Food Handlers CardWritten by a former student on September 1, 2022
Very helpful information that was given and very detailed. I learned a lot more than I had expected. Questions were very clarified so if you pay good attention you will get your answers correct.
Good ChoiceWritten by a former student on August 23, 2022
It the state of California it’s mandatory to get a Food Handler Certificate in order to work in a place that serves food. It was super quick and easy to get through the classes.
Food HandlerWritten by a former student on August 16, 2022
Food safety/handler
This program is a great way to learn and understand the basic fundamentals of food safety. The cost was reasonable its all done online with teaching videos and mini quizzes. I have learned the very important details of how to properly handle food.

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