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Gets You to Where You Need To BeWritten by a former student on November 1, 2022
63 Hour Real Estate Pre-License Education Course
Provides you with all the time you need, but you'll need to study more information externally. Don't bother with their referral incentives because you won't receive any payment.
Real Estate ExpressWritten by a former student on October 24, 2022
Licenced real estate agent
Quality education for the price. I studied at my own pace. I passed the Real Estate State test on the first try. Very good course taught me everything I needed to know
It workedWritten by a former student on July 31, 2022
Passed my license test on the first try by using this online course. I felt like I was not sure if I had all of the information that I would need, but on test day I realized I was definitely prepared thanks to the online classes.
Real Estate License with Real Estate ExpressWritten by a former student on July 12, 2022
Great way for active professionals to gain their real estate license while still holding down a job. The platform is very informative and easy to use. They allow you six months to complete your course, on your own time. The reps are very helpful if you have any questions, and you are assigned a teacher for specific real estate questions. Great pricing as well.
I would recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on July 11, 2022
It’s was okay
Real Estate ExpressWritten by a former student on June 21, 2022
Arkansas Pre-license Course in Real Estate
This was a great course. The material is presented to you in a way that causes the student to remember common formulas used in real estate. I worked at my own pace and had six (6) months to complete the class.
I would not recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on May 29, 2022
As an educator of 30+ years, I do know a bit about how to provide online content (having created and taught online graduate level courses.) This is possibly the worst ever. There are no videos, no graphics, no engagement methods used at all. And, the responses from instructors are simply nuts. I emailed with a question and got a response that made NO sense. I replied and asked for clarification. Then, got an email that literally stated, "I hope my explanation was helpful." HUH? Well, it wasn't thus my inquiry asking for more clarification. The amount of time required to be spent in each "chapter" seems off as well. Chapters with heavy and important content are given 50 minute requirements and then as you get toward the end, there are chapters on items such as investment properties or or condos and you are required to spend 200 minutes in these sections. It's painful. It's particularly ridiculous when you take an end of chapter quiz and get a 100% only to be told that you h...
GreatWritten by a former student on May 7, 2022
STAY AWAYWritten by a former student on May 5, 2022
Invest more into a better service. Poor education, clear copy and paste from legal documents, lack of ANY videos, numerous typos ALL OVER, and awful quizzes. This is such a lazy service that does not prepare you AT ALL. Look elsewhere.
I would not recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on May 4, 2022
Don’t order this course!! I’ve made it all the way to my 30 hour course and printed out study material and practice exams (that I’ve already passed) and have failed over 7 times!!!! It’s the same question’s as the final but they keep failing me!! Then you have to be pay $50 to reset your test. Now I have to pay almost $200 to find another 30 hour course because even though I put the same answers that were correct before, are not correct now. It’s infuriating!!
Absolute waste of time and money!Written by a former student on April 18, 2022
Do NOT use this school for real estate learning purposes whatsoever. The amount of typos throughout the material is ridiculous, and course material is not explanatory and very outdated. Imagine trying to learn the structural components of a house without ANY diagrams or photos. Im talking an entire unit about building a house, no pictures and certainly no explanations. Actually, the majority of the course is missing diagrams or pictures, and the few “informational” videos are very monotonous and obviously scripted. School isn’t supposed to be fun, but this is on another level of boredom. Its actually quite disrespectful for an accredited school to contain so many inexplainable topics, typos, and inaccurate information. Don't buy into their extra packages thinking they will aid you with your course work, because you cant access them without a license number! No joke, exam flashcards require license number for access. I feel like an IDIOT for not paying attention to these reviews a few m...
I would not recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on April 13, 2022
Don't be fooled by the attractive pricing! I was, but you get what you pay for! If you're in Montana (I'm not sure about the experience elsewhere, but it's probably the same), find somewhere else to take this class. Getting an answer to a question from the instructor is all but impossible. They say that someone will respond in around 24-hours. I didn't get answers to my questions for well over ten days, until I messaged and called the customer service line repeatedly. Then the "instructor" called me at 8:30pm. She didn't call with the answers, but instead told me she would email me the answers to my questions but never did. I had to call her again the next day and she didn't remember who I was from her late phone call the night before. There were multiple errors on the test answers, which I brought to the instructor's attention and she said she'd have those fixed. There are typos in the instruction material. I called for a refund, as I realized this was a waste of time and I decided ...
I would recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on April 1, 2022
Any real estate school only teaches you how to pass the test. Study hard, it's not a memorization style of studying. You must know the laws. You must know the context of the laws and how they apply. To succeed in an online course, and in Real Estate, you have to be a self starter and motivated.
I would recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on March 1, 2022
I think I got a lot out of the courses offered and there were many to choose from as my third class. There was plenty of time to review. You had 6 months to complete each class and there were flash cards and practice tests provided.
I would not recommend this program to a friendWritten by a former student on February 3, 2022
It was really boring, lots of senseless pictures from the stock. For being not too much cheaper than an in person school I would definitely go to the real one. Final test had nothing to do with an exam I even had a historical question about antitrust law. Really hard to go through. I passed, but I ended up reading another student book twice and doing lots of exams in another app. I don’t think I would have passed without extra materials.
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