Texas School of Phlebotomy, Fort Worth, TX

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Location: Fort Worth, TX
Course Length: 4 hours - 6 months
Price: Under $10 - $2,500
Courses: all (32)

About Texas School of Phlebotomy

The school's primary course of study is its Phlebotomy program, which provides training and education for students who want to become certified to work as Phlebotomy Technicians or Phlebotomists. The phlebotomy program teaches students safe blood-drawing techniques, proper blood sample labeling and handling, basic anatomy and physiology. The 6-week course includes classroom instruction and practical experience; students will perform several supervised blood draws during each course. The course costs $1,000.

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Written by an Indeed User on November 18, 2022, 12:13 AM
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Over all the core curriculum & medical info given for this phlebotomy technician school was like nothing I have experienced before and that’s saying a lot! The classes are kept to a minimal and small thereby ensuring each student receives ample opportunity aka student teacher ration = extended one on one time with school instructors(classroom and lab instructors ) which turned out to be a god send for students having to cram years of info into a 6week fast track course! The school is GREAT however I wish I could have said the same for their financial aid/office side of this school! So sadly I must say could not have been any worse of an experience if the entire office staff never showed for work at all!! God help the employees in the school administrator building!! They need all the help they can get cuz the right hands in this office are unaware their left handlers at all much less what their actually doing during the shifts ! Communication has left the building on this campus people but must not forget the teachers are the best I’ve ever seen .
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Yes, I would recommend this course to a friend.
Written by an Indeed User on October 7, 2022, 09:23 AM
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I was excited to go to Phlebotomy School but dismayed at the way T.S.O.P is ran. It is disorganized and poorly instructed. I'm a young single mom so more than a thousand dollars is a lot of money to pay for less than average education out-of-pocket. I don't feel that the instruction was good enough to prepare me for the National Exam and I had to fill in the gaps on my own. Classroom time should be all about learning the skills in the way they apply to the job and not about who's dating who, etc.
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No, I would not recommend this course to a friend
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