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Training Consultants offers classes online only. This school offers 13 programs which provide training for 27 qualifications, including SIE License, Series 4 License, and Series 7 License. Time to complete this education training ranges from 9 hours to 6 days, depending on the qualification.

General primary inquiry5851 Legacy Circle 6th Floor, Plano, TX 75024

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Series 6 Online Course Package
This course is online only
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31 hours
This course is online only
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1 week
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Student reviews

Former student on April 28, 2022
I would recommend this program to a friend

It was super comprehensive and the individuals and coaches were extremely helpful when I needed them. One thing you have to insure is to have additional help and support from the firm that is going to be supporting you.

Former student on September 15, 2020
Required for my current job, Make more money, Help my career progression

Great online classroom learning, I was able to take classes whenever I wanted and go back and review. I have a hard time just reading and understanding text.

Former student on April 2, 2020
Help my career progression

Good use of having the physical book as well as chapter quizzes and practice finals. Every day I spent 8 hours reading chapters and taking quizzes to better my understanding. Overall, coming out of the training gave me knowledge and confidence.

Former student on February 27, 2020
Required for my current job, Make more money, Changing careers, Help my career progression

I liked the online lecture format. The study format worked well also. Having quizzes at the end of each chapter checked for understanding frequently.

Former student on February 24, 2020
Make more money, Get an edge over other candidates, Help my career progression

They had a very specific and efficient study method for students to follow. Very thorough and always someone there for you to call whenever you have questions.

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