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Springboard: Online Courses to Future Proof Your Career

1 reviews

Most recent review:


Good teachers, Helpful career services, Good career preparation


Not enough career coaches, some mentors have too many students, zero flexibility on refund policy, you can not accept any job when locked into job guarantee months, number of months for job guarantee can be changed by springboard half way through the process, their referral program is a scam.

Other comments

I would stay away from springboard. Especially during this hard time of job search. I will be the first one to say that mentors are amazing. Career coaches are great as well. But mentors are overworked, and some have way too many students. Support for mentors is lacking as well. Career coaches are very busy, and sometimes you will be waiting weeks before the call. That "Unlimited mentor calls" claim doesn't hold any water either, the number of open slots for this varies, and if you're up against the deadline, I wouldn't rely on it. If you're one of the unlucky souls who do not land the job within the job search guarantee months, the refund process is horrendous. There is zero flexibility in where your money will be refunded. So if it was a credit card, that you have a balance on, best of luck. Also if you think you might be getting a refund, do not refer any of your friends/acquaintances. They will take the $250 credit for the referral and count it towards your refund.

Price range:

$6,600 - $6,600


10 months - 10 months