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Aveda Institute Minneapolis

55 reviews

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It was a beautiful school to be in, and that was primarily why I went. If I was going to go to beauty school, I wanted a real college experience in the city with young people and not pay the same price for some run-down suburban school in Richfield or Farmington and be going to school with a bunch of moms. But unfortunately, that price tag for my education did NOT add up to the money I made in the industry-- and that's VERY common for hairstylists. On my first day of school, one of the administrators even slipped up during our orientation and said "some of you may go on to do something else." Years later, I taught at the school, and I still couldn't break even. Now, I work as a waitress and don't do hair, and I make much better money.


Honestly the education itself is fine. From being both a student AND a teacher, I can say that both the students as a whole and the teachers would appreciate the Dean of Education holding the students accountable for their actions. Rules are thrown around like a limp-wristed parent threatening to discipline a spoiled child, but they're rarely, if ever, enforced.

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The teachers are not always kept informed. I was a substitute teacher and was thrown into shifts without means of preparation. This affected an entire class of students drastically who were on a time-crunch for their state boards, as well as preparing for their career.

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$4,500 - $24,000


3.8 months - 1 year