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Great Company

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The company has a great working environment. Even after being moved to classes at home and online on Zoom, the managers still made me feel like we were together in the classroom.
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Flexible, supportive, easy hiring process

I was hired on while the bootcamp was still (and will, possibly, forever be) remote so the hiring process and signing paperwork and training was all online. My manager is very supportive, wants me to succeed. The schedule is very flexible, to the point there's no set schedule or priority. It's a first-come-first-serve schedule. Advancement opportunities are fair. Work hard as a sub and if they're looking for a primary TA, they look to advance someone within the current sub pool first.As a sub, you're always in their "sub pool", there's no minimum work hours in order to stay on. It's either your active or inactive, and it's as simple as telling your manager or not interacting on Slack when a subbing opportunity comes up.There's no healthcare or 401k (since you're part-time) but as an employee you have access to a large network of similarly hired people, including industry professionals. It's prime real estate to find job opportunities. If there's ever a change in curriculum, they make sure to train you on it (on the new tech) before it's added officially.Hiring process was in 3 steps.1. Phone call with 2U recruiter to assess interest, answer any questions, talk about the job opportunity. This is where you'll find out whether you'll move on to the next step. And tell you how to prepare for the next step.2a. Tech assessment, you have three days to complete. Once started, 15mins to complete.2b. Another follow-up phone call to see whether you passed to the next stage and to prepare you.3a. Mock subbing activity. Where you're the sub and a current experienced TA is the - 


Flexible schedule, very supportive staff


No healthcare, no set schedule (first-come-first-serve)
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Incredible place to do well by doing good

I built my entire career at 2U and couldn't recommend it more strongly to someone looking for their next opportunity. The work is interesting and fast paced. And you know that what you do will have a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of students trying to improve their lives.
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Great company overall

Management and top leadership is supportive. Lots of room for growth within your own department or other departments. The company is inclusive as well.
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Terrible management, Terrible HR, Great CEO, Great perks, Fun culture, Not so diverse given the HQ location and remote outsourcing

Management is the worst part of this company. It is certainly easier to reward those people we enjoy, but this is not fair. At 2U, there is favoritism bias in hiring and promotions. Employees who are liked or familiar get opportunities for growth over employees that are veteran or higher performing. Do not be surprised when you realize 2U leadership is a huge inner circle and not very diverse AT ALL. What's more, there is lack of support for remote workers. For instance, since the quarantine, 2U has been saving money with people using their at home offices. Those savings have not been used to support remote workers struggling to maintain normalcy. 2U could have helped by providing wifi assistance, food assistance, and home office assistance (some people felt so unsupported, they even opted to take chairs from the headquarters). Personally, I was no longer able to continue working since wifi technicians were not entering homes and I could not afford using my phone as a local hotspot to work. This lack of support falls on the shoulders of my former manager, the director, and HR.The best part was the fun that spread from the CEO. He took pleasure in rewarding outstanding workers (Grammy award show style with a stage and trophies), celebrating holidays (like Halloween with festivals), having mandatory dance parties during work (not really mandatory but strongly encouraged), and amazing company meetings. It was also great to get school holidays off, since 2U is an EdTech company serving universities. What's more, 2U is the only company I experienced that had a formal celebration - 


Great CEO energy, Awesome annual company trips (pre-covid for FT employees only), and occasional perks like food treats and gift cards (for everyone)


Unsupportive / bias managers, directors, and HR
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Overall great experience

Hours are manageable and you have clear daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals that you track.Competitive sales environment with routine coachingI learned significantly about coding, using Salesforce and remote workingConstant scrutiny about time allocation through tech monitoring that it feels like an invasion of privacy


Remote work


Sales goals
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You’re either in the click or not

Manager and directors run teams by the numbers. Lack of experience leads to inability to understand the numbers. You either hit your goal or you are let go.
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Great place to learn and grow

My manager and coworkers were super helpful. There was no office politics (at least for my team). Everyone was laser focused on how to get our business improved. Superb training and onboarding experience. However, there were definitely stressful times due to constant changes. Overall, this was a good experience for me.


Good learning experience. Unlimited PTO. Nice coworkers


Could be very stressful and hectic
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Your mileage may vary

Very focused on D&I when it comes to company marketing except not doing much of anything to actually promote, hire, invest in people of color or even treat them fairly in some departments where mediocre yppo will always get preferential treatment. This isn't unique about 2U, though. How many companies walk the walk on D&I?The experience depends on where in the company you work. You can end up on a good team with a good work life balance and opportunity to advance or you can end up on a team with no direction. Company is losing many experienced people from trilogy and 2U right now.


Office (but COVID), unlimited PTO, tuition reimbursement (if you're senior enough to get it)


401k match is awful, doesn't walk the walk on DEI, lack of support for parents of children
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Great company - some growing pains

I love 2U. Really, really love the culture, the people that I work with, and the fact that everyone seems to care about each other. It's refreshing to work in a place where I admire and respect everyone I work with. All that said, 2U is going through some growing pains right now. The company has grown a lot over the past two years (by acquiring two companies) all while trying to increase efficiencies and find savings. This means that growth opportunities have actually slowed to a crawl for many employees and there have been layoffs in a few departments. As a result, there are employees that feel demoralized and unable to grow in their current roles. It's really too bad, because I would stay at 2U for my entire career if I felt I could grow into larger roles and make a better living. Salaries, however, aren't great. One last bad note, if you are looking here: recruiters are like used sales people. They lie about everything, especially about career growth. You are much better off talking to your hiring manager about growth opportunities and salary than you are with recruiters, because they lie about everything.


Great people, great culture, fantastic work/life balance


Salaries are low, advancement has slowed
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Poor Management

There is a lot of bad management going on with 2U and a lot of rapid changes. Jobs disappear, people are reassigned or laid off and you feel like your job is never secure.It is good for getting experience but then move on.


Good experience


Everything else
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Manageable work if used to call centers

Decent PTO policies, better than many in the US that I've dealt with. Compensation fair for entry level work, and company provides more paid holidays than most call centers. No 24/7 scheduling which is a relief. High expectations, and often communications are inefficient and the same thing must be discussed over and over before teams establish understanding of new expectations. Long time employees express satisfaction with work, but KPIs cause stress for many more. Many meetings are unnecessary, but not outside the realm of what you'd expect. WFH has all social interaction via Zoom/Slack which means you won't sweat lack of social interaction. You'll do well going with the flow/rolling with the punches. I don't have complaints about the job growth opps as I'm not looking to go into management. Excellent tuition assistance program once you've put in your first year too!


Friendly and helpful coworkers in my experience


Burnout is real here, you make 100+ calls each day
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Great Leadership, Amazing People and a Culture with a Mission that Inspires!

In my 20+ year career, I have never come across a C-Suite leadership team that truly cares and inspires their employees. Every job has its ups and downs, but the people, culture and the company mission truly motivates you. As for workplace fun, well, there's a whole floor at HQ dedicated to that, with a Ping Pong table, Golf Simulator, Gaming Consoles and Arcades.


Chip, CEO. Great balance of Life, Work and Fun!


Typical challenges of a young company that's growing FAST!
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Managers pick their friends for promotions in ADMISSIONS BEWARE!

New managers (w/no prior management experience) were picking their friends for promotions, very cliquey and high school because employees all in 20-40 range. It was so bad that they had to FIRE 50% of the admissions managers in a huge lay off end of last year. Since then, teams changed with most promotions going to white employees, they've made about 10 different "Diversity and Inclusion" committees to fix problems. They also had to create "Career Pathing" because AGAIN managers were only promoting friends with extreme BIAS. The CEO used to care but most benefits fading away and everyone is always trying to get out! BEWARE.


snacks, coffee, unlimited PTO


racism, bias, lack of leadership training
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High Pressure Sales Environment

I worked a little over a year at 2U. While the people were friendly and generally enjoyable to be around, the Admissions Counselor position is purely a sales role and your job depends on the amount of students you register each cohort (typically four in each year). Management places some emphasis on "coach-ability" but if you are unable to get X amount of students registered each cohort, you will be placed on Corrective Action, and then from there you can be fired. I understand the business has metrics they need to hit to continue to grow and survive, but this places an incredible amount of pressure on the individual admissions counselor, especially for masters programs that are outrageously expensive and generally unwanted by the public. The most frustrating part is that you have to typically recall the same prospects and applications who have told you repeatedly that they are not interested. Often times, I felt like an annoying sales person who was not helping them, and was detracting value from people's days. I'm sure there are other admissions counselors who feel fulfilled in this position, and can approach it from another perspective (i.e. where they are helping people achieve the programs they want), but I just couldn't buy into that. Maybe it was my program, but far too often I felt too much negative energy around my role and it resulted in my quitting because I was so unhappy and felt unable to achieve the metrics set for my position. It just felt like you had to strike luck.


pay, campus, people, social, work from home


pressure, management
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Easy work, poor training

The work itself is monotonous, but you are working towards some amazing high level outcomes which makes all the difference. The environment is cliquey and friends and culture are difficult to make if you are an older candidate. Benefits are mediocre, more specifically the 401k plan but unlimited pto is a huge bonus. Management does shame you when you request it to use it, although they approve it.


The work itself, 2 work from home days a week, unlimited pto, the outcomes


Poor training, bad benefits, lack of camaraderie
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Don't Drink the Kool-aid

Higher Ed folks beware! Don’t drink the Kool-aid. Don’t fall into a trap. Insufficient job-specific training/onboarding – Be prepared to be embarrassed when a University Partner asks a simple question and you can’t answer it. From my experience, job-specific training is very unstructured and you’re left floundering, reaching out to a million people for one simple answer. Job Description – The company needs to do better to ensure the job description and interviews accurately reflect what the actual job entails. Otherwise you end up with employees who are mis-matched for the position, resulting in unmet expectations and frustrations. A bait and switch approach never works. Cult-like Atmosphere – No joke. You must drink the Kool-aid. They only want moldable people. Their values, which are on display all over their buildings, are a joke. Never be “candid, open, honest” with your manager. It will backfire. And Leadership is not very “candid, open, honest” either. Open Concept Work Environment – Studies now show that this type of work environment is not conducive to productivity. The floor plan looks like a massive call center. Individual drop-in rooms are hard to come by for important meetings. Constant noise, chatter, and loud talking are the norm. I accomplished a ton more working remotely, than in their offices. Constant Video Calls – From my experience, be prepared for 6-8 video calls per day. It’s highly inefficient when most of these video “meetings” were unnecessary. Of course, even when asked, no one mentioned in the interviews that - 


Salary – Fairly competitive, Working Remotely – only opportunity to get any work done, Unlimited snacks, on-site gym, and casual dress


See review
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admissions counselor

I do not know how other departments work. As far as admissions goes, I can tell you it is terrible. First and foremost, you are recruited as an "admissions counselor". Never in the recruiting process do they tell you this is actually a sales position, hard sales, like you job depends on the sales you make. Once you are recruited you are hit with something totally different than what was explained to you in the beginning. You need to meet your sales quota, otherwise you will be put on a "corrective action plan". This corrective action plan is a punitive measure implemented by the company, this corrective action basically tells the employee "if you do not meet your sales quota fo this next cohort, you can potentially get fired". Now, some schools have 1 cohort (start date) a year, other schools have 5 shoots a year. Meaning your job is on the line 5 times a year if your school has 5 cohorts. I would like to say I have not worked in all schools that have a contract with the school, however the 2 schools I have worked for use "interesting" sales tactics. I have been in scenarios when the prospect students tells me "I have 2 kids, i am a single parent, I do not know if I can afford the program right now". Cool, I leave the prospect alone. I have had managers that have told me, "advise that person to really examine their student loans options". No, I am not going to sell a 100K program to a person who has told me (s)he does not feel prepared to pay for a program yet. Students loans should not be used as a sales tactic. I asked to be transferred to work as an admissions counselor - 
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It was good to start

They hired me part time but made me work full time. When I asked to only work part-time hours due to health issues they said no so I quite. Not happy at all dealt used.
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Productive staff- faux managers. Disengenuous.

This was not a good experience for my skillset. Management was a very long stretch to reach, and there were whiny, sassy long timer veterans who did not enjoy new faces. This was a consulting gig, and I was so happy to have the contract end for sales. Good product, great leader, sarcastic managers who remain clicky, disingenuous.
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Not a terrible experience, but not the best either

Good place to look for fresh graduates. Avoid admissions if you can, there are a lot of other more interesting and challenging jobs in other departments.
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