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Why did you leave your job at AT&T?

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  • AT&T was a decent company to work for. Some of the members of management were extremely annoying and micromanagement. Too much pressure to sell and was always compared to other reps.

  • At first I really loved the job! And the money because it is really good money if you’re able to sell a lot like I was. It can be highly stressful and mentally taxing though. And I guess it really just depends on what store you’re working at and who your managers are. My managers were really micromanaging. The company as a whole though is very unappreciative. I was the top sales rep there for idk how many months in a row and I never felt like it was good enough. All they do is take take take and expect more from you and expect you to work hella overtime and just work like you have no life. There’s also a very strict attendance rule that hardly gives you any work life-balance. If you’re new to the company you’ll be the bottom in seniority for picking out your shifts so you’ll most likely be working 11-8:30 or 12-9:30 every day. (For me it was really like 12-10:30 pm because of how short staffed we were for so long.) if you’re late to work you get .25 of a point or .50 of a point and after an hour I think you get a whole point. If you call out for a day you get a whole point. Even if you’re sick, we don’t get paid sick days. You just get a point. And you’re only allowed 7 points during a 365 day period. So if you called out today that point wouldn’t fall off until august 2nd of next year. If you get to 8 points total they can terminate you. It’s really just a or ridiculous and I felt like they wanted us to be machines not people. Just sell sell sell no matter what the cost. And “ oh you have a life outside of AT&T? What, you don’t like money?” That’s what the managers will say to you. The only thing that keeps people working there and dealing with that job is the money. I just couldn’t take the toxicity anymore.

  • I was laid off because of reorganization

  • Poor management and too much like a reality show in a professional setting. Not business or professional environment like I thought. Stay professional and positive and you will be okay. Good luck!

  • I’m not the type of person who can stay tied to a phone and computer all day. I would say 70% of customers are pretty easy to talk to , yet the other 30% made it unbearable for me. The trainers in the classroom were great people but they had to cram so much material into 5 weeks that it was impossible to learn all systems. Even the 5 weeks in nesting, with help all around, leaves on e feeling unprepared to hit the floor running. All of your support is basically through Skype, so sometimes you must wait. Many times the answer is given as a numerical article you must reference. There are thousands of these articles and they were not the most user friendly in my opinion, just felt overwhelmed with information. Very stressful at times, hard to remain laid back and constantly looking at your watch/clock to make sure you’re back from break/lunch in time. Just know that saving a DirecTV account is not enough, must always pitch wireless and internet even in beginning when not comfortable even knowing how to place these orders.

  • Horrible management, new kids running the show and bunch of idiots...

  • Office closure primarily due to poor management. Place was run poorly otherwise I would have stayed

  • AT&T is one of the worst companies to work for

  • Laid off but was able to retire. AT&T is really only focused on wireless at this point and have no problem getting rid of people. Constant rounds of layoffs and poor managers were the highlight of my last 6 years at AT&T. Not a great working environment to thrive in. Glad I retired,

  • Resigned after 15 years, I knew after being threatened with layoffs (surplus during reorganization) more than half a dozen times times the last 5 years, I would be cut the next round. I was having some health issues the company wouldn't accommodate, and a terrible work/life balance, as the company truly does not care about employees health/wellness/families. Management is very hit or miss, some are great and some are despicable. Very poor work environment and poor employee moral. I couldn't take it anymore and resigned in May 2019, my job was eliminated in December 2019 anyway. I've never been healthier and happier after leaving AT&T.

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