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How many full time employees does an aldi store have

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  • 2 staff on each shift, never more then 4 in a day. Too few staff working for all the work required, injuries and high burnout and even higher turnout very common here. Aldi expect one staff to do the work of nine or ten others in one shift, doesn't care if they get injured or burned out. Nothing going to get better here in Adi's until they learn that doing more and more with less and less is just the worse business "strategy" to ever use. The stores don't have enough staff working. Please hire more staff in these stores to assist with safer working conditions for your staff and make it more possible to give better customer service. (Not possible right now with so too few staff....)

  • Wow
    I work in UK London

    When I started 7 years ago we had like up to 10 people per store. Now we have that per shift.

    Huge progress

  • My store has 4 , 6 on a good day

  • Our company has very few employees in the stores. At most there are maybe three employees working at one time during the shift. Sometimes there are only two employees in the whole store. And in some rare circumstances there is sometimes only one employee working the entire store while others are on break. Obviously this isn’t enough however. Our company’s standards of customer service have really deteriorated quite a bit in recent times. Several of the customers in my particular store have even commented and complained on "how there is nobody around to help!" which obviously reflects very poorly on our company image as a whole. Aldi expects one employee to complete the duties of nine or ten other employees which cannot realistically happen. Customer service has really gone to shambles in recent times in my views because I feel like our company is just way too greedy. They need to schedule more employees especially during peak busy hours. Having just two or three employees scheduled for the entire day is definitely not enough! We need more help in our stores. Enough with all of the excuses and blame game tactics please which conveniently accuses us as your employees of Aldi of “being inefficient or lazy” when we are unable to accomplish the impossible. We as your employees can only accomplish so much work in a given amount of time. We are not superhuman or perfect. And we simply cannot be expected to complete the duties of nine or ten other employees simply because our company is too greedy and concerned with profits and unwilling to hire enough employees in the stores to give good customer service which is what our company expects. Yet they don't hire enough employees to make this possible. A huge part of the reason why our company has such incredibly high turnover and burnout is because Aldi works us to the brink of exhaustion!!! This all needs to change to increase customer service and make this a place where people actually want to work. Trust me when I tell you that this is far from how some of us actually feel right now. Many of us including myself are just plain sick and tired of being worked to death while this greedy company’s invisible executives and senior management don’t care how badly we as employees are injured or exhausted or totally and thoroughly burned out from not having enough support and recognition for our grueling hard work! Hire more employees in the stores to make this company truly "efficient" which is what is allegedly at the core of our company's so called corporate philosophy.

  • Definitely not enough , only 2 staff working someimtes when there are 30 or 40 customers in-store which obviously makes it impossible to deliver good service

  • Around 8 to 10 total employees. 2 to 3 employees per shift. never more than 4 at a time.

  • 6-15 people

  • Depends on monthly sales. In Rhode Island the average store has 7-10 employees. 500-600 K per month in gross sales on average. The store I was at had 2 part timers 8 full timers. 660 K per month and 900+ customers per day

  • Depends on how much business the store does... at least 4 usually

  • The store I work @ has 4 associates

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