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Why did you leave your job at ALDI?

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  • This job is a great for young, able bodied people who aren’t lazy and wanna work hard. But if you are older the pay nor the workload is worth it.

  • 1) permanent back injuries the result of being required too lift boxes way too heavy in too short amount of time because this company requires you to rush through tasks too fast without regard for safety
    2) customer service is horrible here Aldi forces it's staff to rush customers through the line to avoid paying the salary of extra cashiers when it's obviously needed for busy stores; if you do not meet the job expectation of scanning (actually "throwing" is more accurate) at least 1400 grocery products into customer shopping carts EACH HOUR you will be written up and then possibly fired depending on how many occurrances so that waas another reason

    3) the benefits are terrible; health coverage is bare bones basic and hardly covers anything at all plus you are require to shell out thousands of dollars of your own money out of pocket BEFORE their health insurance plan will begin to cover basic medical procedures (They use Cigna for their carrier)

    4. district managers are young and experienced (all of mine certainly were) and don't have the slightest inkling of how to properly manage people; the Aldi management system currently used is very rigid and outdated and there is nowhere to turn if you feel like you're being untreated fairly because you are required to bring your concerns directly to your DM if you have issues however they don't do a single thing to resolve the situation except target you later on when you do speak up or try to advocate for your rights

    5) my salary froze after several years working here; at one time we used to get like a twenty-five cent hourly raise every couple years but now even that has gone away

    6) holidays were also taken away from us and now we don't even get the holiday premium pay differential which we once use to get

    7) too much workload for one employee to complete; Aldi basically tries to squeeze four sometimes even five people's workloads out of one single employee to complete; the job performance metrics are impossible and the company KNOWS they need more employees hired to carry out these workloads however they deliberately choose not to hire more employees because then that will affect the profits

    8. the culture of Aldi is very rigid and profit focused but not people-centered; honestly I feel like all the stuff and cliches this company uses about "valueing people who is at the core of our success" is just words printed on pages inside the trainingg/orientation pamphlets; the company's actual actions of terrible and sometimes even inhumane treatment of its own employees do not mirror for even a fraction of a second some of that phony cliched "valueing people...." stuff which they print out for the public to see on their website and in their company literature; these and many other reasons was why I finally had enough of this company and decided to quit

  • How many reasons would you like me to provide for why I decided to leave? First off, my hands and arms ended up getting completely cut up every single day from jagged edges of boxes which I had to box as part of the job. Even after leaving this job, I now have permanent scarring on my hands and arms which will never go away. Then my back started having tons of muscle spasms which it didn't have before. This was obviously the result of me repeatedly having to lift heavy boxes onto shelves for at least 4-5 hours out of each shift. (The company says you need to be able to lift at least 40 pounds but trust me it's a lot more than that.) Also, being routinely micromanaged and criticized for even the smallest details didn't help matters. The management who I worked for was extremely petty and I think they just liked to throw their weight around. Many of their requests were completely unrealistic and downright delusional. However, the biggest reason why I decided to quit was because of lack of training and patience/understanding from company management. They are all about results and don't care how they get those results. Management at Aldi is clearly not understanding or patient with new hires. Instead, they basically expect you to learn everything overnight but they don't provide the proper training and coaching assistance which is necessary to make this happen. That was the biggest reason behind why I finally decided to quit. All those things combined was just too much. Enough was finally enough....

  • The culture is terrible. The employees, for the most part are great, but the management doesn't follow the company standards, pick favorites, they create higher paying jobs for said favorites that no one else can apply for, and they can and will fire people for no reason, without giving letters of termination, without giving warning, speaking with HR.

  • Went to school and had a job.

  • Continued medical complications

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