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Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System (API) is focused on meeting the needs of the whole patient by providing a Continuum of Care. We offer a full spectrum of mental health and addictive disorder services designed to promote rapid stabilization, reduce symptoms, and develop new coping skills. The current system includes a 66-bed inpatient – more... 

  • Hear about the moment when a few Veterans knew it was time to reach out for support — and why they are stronger for it today.
  • Shoutout to the loved ones who support, encourage and take care of others living with a health condition or disability. We love this post from @michelelovetri that reminds us of the impact our presence makes in the lives of others who are going through something:
“Mental health does not only impact us directly, it also impacts those closest to us. I remember having so much resentment toward my husband because I expected him to understand what I was going through. I eventually realized I was setting him up for failure by doing this and wasn’t giving him a fair break. How could I possibly expect him to understand what it is like to live with a mental health disorder when he doesn’t struggle himself? How is that fair to him? To anyone?
I recognize the importance of the role I play in communicating what I need when I’m having a hard time, whether that be needing to lay down, meditate, talk, do some Reiki or even get out of the house. I asked my husband not too long ago what he thinks I expect from him when I’m having a bad anxiety day. He said that he knows I don’t expect him to understand what I’m going through, but he does feel a responsibility to help me up when I’m down and show up how I need him to.
To all of the family and friends that help us through each and every day, thank you for lifting us up, for listening, for crying with us, for giving us space, for loving us unconditionally, for not questioning the ‘why’ for sitting on the floor with us, for your support, for your acceptance and for simply being there.”
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