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Do they have health insurance

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  • Family health insurance

  • We have amazing benefits. no joke. I pay about $27.00 a check and I get:---medical, dental, vision, 401K, STD & LTD, life insurance on me paid by the company and I signed up for additional life insurance so I get 100k extra life insurance. Also critical and accidental. All for $27 a check. My medical is a shared plan(they have other plans). My deductible is 1000, BUT.... Amazon pays the first 500 for your deductable, then you pay 500, then they pay 90% after that. There are other plans as well. My plan also has an hsa in it. I like to put $1500 in it a year to pay for all my deductible and costs for the entire year. Which is a small amount per check to contribute. Plus, they will let you use the full $1500 immediately, not a little at a time, which is comforting knowing its all paid so no worries ever on ER visits or urgent care or any possible medical care whatsoever. It also lowers your taxes per check. So in the end I have all benefits( WITH a 401k as well), all for about $85 a paycheck. That includes the $56 a month in the HSA to pay for it all. But if you don't want to use the hsa, you dont have too. Just pay around $25-$30 a check and you have all the benefits you could want. after 1 year) college tuition-95% of your education up to $3000 every year. They offer child care assistance, time off for pregnancy that includes weeks of time off before and after birth. free nurse hotline,resources for attorneys or drug /alcohol advice, mental health care, they DO hire fellons, they do drug test you prior to hiring. Amazon has a couple large cafeterias, lotion dispensers free hair ties. All cell phones never allowed through our security checkpoint.They have free sanitizer dispensers everywhere, always have prior to covid as well. There are dispenser machines to get your daily gloves. It is extremely fast paced, you have to hit certain numbers hourly.
    You get paid personal time off,unpaid time off and Vacacation time off. I think its around 3 weeks or real close to it.. and some Major holidays are paid.Pay starts at 15 an hour but if you work night shifts you get extra pay.They have Many shifts to choose from. Day shifts are

    Mon,Tues,Thurs, frid or

    Sunday-Wed or

    Wed-Sat or

    Sat and Sunday only.

    Then night shifts are:

    6:30pm-5am-10 hours again-

    Sund-Wed or Wed-Sat.

    Also there is a Reduced shift.

    This shift is Thurs,Friday,Saturday night from 6:30pm-7:00 am(12 hour days,) 36 hours a week plus a 2.75 hourly increase in pay for that shift. We stand all day while working. Its easy work, but the fast paced, standing all day and doing the same thing over and over, every day!! I love working here at Amazon. Its easy in my opinion and I like busy fast paced work. Makes the day fly by. I love that I have amazing benefits that even make my doctors say WOW. We also have 60 days worth of physical therapy and I belive around 15-20 days for acupuncture, massage therapy and Chiropractor visits as well. We have a medical office in every warehouse to help keep you safe, any accidents or ice wraps, bio freeze and basic care for the employees. Its definitely helped me before, a few times. We have contests, win t-shirts and get a free one every year for peak season, which is October-December. You may not take vacation in this time period. All of us have 1 mandatory overtime day(chosen by the company) so when in need, usually during peak season, you will have to work that mandatory overtime day along with your other 4 regular work days. Amazon really gives us alot of perks and amazing benefits. Some younger generations who haven't been working long, always want more and always think they deserve more. Other folks, like myself, who have worked for many years at many different companies, appreciate all that amazon gives us and how it is a stress free, leave at the door and go home with no thoughts of work outside of work. If you understand that. I love a stress free job, easy busy work. No working with the public or any other jobs you don't like. There are MANY departments to work at in the warehouses. So after 30 days you can apply for a different department and position or schedule. Its great. Find what works for YOU. I have traveled a little so I have been at 3 buildings in 3 years. Currently at HOU2 in Houston, TX, also Sat2 in san marcos ,TX and SLC1 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a fantastic job to travel with and work at new buildings or new areas. And you can learn many departments and grow to upper management or HR or whatever you want really, especially if you have a degree. But they definitely pick from within first above all. If you look at all the benefits you will see just how much Amazon gives its employees.You are in control of time, your schedule and departments.

  • Yes, they do.

  • Yes after certain time you recieve benefits

  • Yes health insurance is great

  • Day 1 you get everything you need

  • Only if you are a blue badge associate

  • Yes they do

  • Yes. You're eligible on your first day of employment for full time employees.

  • Yes, but it's only for full time employees.

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