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Questions and Answers about Promotion

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63 questions about Promotion at
After 5 years they cap your pay no reason to stay long term
Answered May 23, 2017
You must get a lot of brown on your nose. Nothing to do with how hard you work or how good you are. If you give 100% they will expect 110%
Answered February 3, 2016
Every 6 months
Answered September 24, 2020
Easy if you work hard
Answered September 22, 2020
It is very hard to get promoted
Answered October 1, 2020
That’s a lie about a raise every 6 months . No raise and that’s a shame because 15.00 is no money compared to this trillion dollar company
Answered April 20, 2019
This question needs to be re-examined since the pay structure for all tier 1 employees has changed to $15hr. From my understanding, this is the top out pay & unless you get promoted to a tier 3 position, will remain as such. Which is disappointing because there's no incentive to push yourself. Also both bonus incentives and stock options are now off the table since the nationwide $15hr hike, which in my opinion is a worse trade-off. I really would have liked stock options since having them gives you the belonging & feeling of future stability to the company you're working for..
Answered December 7, 2016
Asked April 29, 2018
From what I've observed in an IT support role? There's always plenty of talk about the things you need to do to be considered/noticed for promotion. The official story is that they want to see innovation and problem solving. Look for places you see inefficiencies and propose improvements for those processes. In reality? The structure seems to essentially impose some "caps" on what level they're comfortable letting people achieve while staying in a given role. I've heard of support people who have been with the company over 8 years, doing a lot of important things (writing a lot of the scripts people use daily in support and so on), who still sit at the same job level they had when they were first hired. You can find exceptions, but they're pretty much unicorns.The way compensation is structured, you get a number of stock options that won't vest for as long as 5 years, so that serves as respectable "pay raises" you can eventually get for sticking around that length of time. But getting a real bump in hourly or salaried pay seems more likely to require quitting after a year or two, and coming back again when you apply for a different, better-paying job title.
Answered April 29, 2018
Do Amazon gives pay raises
Asked August 18, 2017
The current structure at my building is you receive a small raise every 6 months from the date of your employment up until you hit three years with Amazon. The raise you receive at two years is the biggest out of the previous raises. The next and final raise is at three years and at that point you cap out. You'll receive no more raises.
Answered August 18, 2017
Quarterly raises
Answered March 2, 2019
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