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73 questions about working at
As many former and current workers would prove, you have to be "visible" (in amazon politics). Hard work does not weigh anywhere in promotion and selection. You just have to memorize STAR answers to mostly behavioral descriptive questions. And because of COVID, you won't even be able to have a person-to-person interview. It will be 5 questions over the phone that they claim will be the basis for selection. You just have to study the Amazon "principles", very nicely written but rarely seen in practice. You are only as good as your interviewer's perception. It can also depend on what type of building you are working in. I have seen level 1 AAs get promoted to Level 3 very quickly and they are proud to say management approached them and offered them the promotion, just like that. and then, there are the many who work very hard, keep sending applications, and will still be level 1 same as the lazy ones. The very high turnover rate will prove that workers are not engaged. Workers will stay because 1. They are the few who are getting what they think they deserve, 2. They have no better choice, 3. they live close by. The bottom line, as long as executives are happy with the numbers and dollar signs, workers are just numbers. For every worker who goes, there will be two people they can hire. Goodluck!
Answered February 3, 2016
Rarely unless you been there for 3yrs or more
Answered January 27, 2017
Yes the first raise is 2wks after starting then after 90 days
Answered September 22, 2016
You people have no idea what your talking about. If you're a full time employee blue badge you'll get a raise every 6 months depending on your level 1, 2 or 3 depends on the amount of raise u get. They're just changed it so I believe 50 cents every 6 months that's terror that's tier one I know tier 2 and 2 or 3 get a lot more
Answered September 24, 2020
Be there from the start of the new warehouse or be a kissass and work your way up thru their stagnant levels of seniority
Answered February 19, 2021
I moved up to being an ambassador do to the fact that I would continue to tell hr that they will only promote employees that they favor. If you are one of they're favorites and one of the click than you'll be promoted.
Answered February 11, 2021
never, everything is stagnant
Answered November 8, 2020
That’s a lie about a raise every 6 months . No raise and that’s a shame because 15.00 is no money compared to this trillion dollar company
Answered April 20, 2019
This question needs to be re-examined since the pay structure for all tier 1 employees has changed to $15hr. From my understanding, this is the top out pay & unless you get promoted to a tier 3 position, will remain as such. Which is disappointing because there's no incentive to push yourself. Also both bonus incentives and stock options are now off the table since the nationwide $15hr hike, which in my opinion is a worse trade-off. I really would have liked stock options since having them gives you the belonging & feeling of future stability to the company you're working for..
Answered December 7, 2016
Asked April 29, 2018
From what I've observed in an IT support role? There's always plenty of talk about the things you need to do to be considered/noticed for promotion. The official story is that they want to see innovation and problem solving. Look for places you see inefficiencies and propose improvements for those processes. In reality? The structure seems to essentially impose some "caps" on what level they're comfortable letting people achieve while staying in a given role. I've heard of support people who have been with the company over 8 years, doing a lot of important things (writing a lot of the scripts people use daily in support and so on), who still sit at the same job level they had when they were first hired. You can find exceptions, but they're pretty much unicorns.The way compensation is structured, you get a number of stock options that won't vest for as long as 5 years, so that serves as respectable "pay raises" you can eventually get for sticking around that length of time. But getting a real bump in hourly or salaried pay seems more likely to require quitting after a year or two, and coming back again when you apply for a different, better-paying job title.
Answered April 29, 2018
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