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What Is Amazon's Rehire Policy?

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  • I resigned due to a death and needed more bereavement time. I reapplied 2 weeks later and was hired back on at the same place, same position.

  • My seasonal contract finish, and i reapply for another opportunity at amazon after 2 weeks and got hire, the problem was that i had 300 hours negative on my upt, i just solved the problem by calling them and they fixed it.

  • Involuntary termination

  • You should be able to reapply 90 days after your termination date

  • I resigned and reapplied 7 months later and was told I'll have to wait a whole year

  • I was terminated in July am I able to re apply after 90 days

  • I was working for Amazon and i worked really hard it was disgusting to me to see people that did not work at all or if they did they would work so so soooo slow dragging their feet every time they took a step. Long story short a few of the laziest employees would get promoted to ambassadors or other higher positions all because when they would need to be working they would be conversating with the managers/supervisors they would be over there laughing and joking with them every chance they got including during breaks ect ect and the ones that really worked fast and really hard and would be drenched in sweat from hat to jeans the entire shift I honestly do include myself in that hard working group, well we would just get more work i was always asked to do my job and at the same time help another employee with their job duty because they would be far behind.. remember those feet draggers I mentioned to you guys earlier well yea them smh, i was always asked to help them no matter how much work i had by the time i would go help them and come back , my 3 stations/ails would be completely full of boxes that i had to stow so i had to work fast to be able to clear all 3 of my ails and run back to help the feet draggers with their stowing. I would have to repeat that process for about 8 hours straight and NO the ones that WORKED VERY HARD would not get promoted to a much better and more relaxing position but the LAZY FEET DRAGGERS did get promoted all because they joked and talked to the managers so i just wanted to put that out there incase anyone who was planning on working for Amazon or if anyone is recently working at Amazon and was planning on going in there and work like like if it was a competition for the hardest worker to win $10 million dollars just dont I highly recommend you work at a normal paste and dont overdo yourself all that hard work pays off does not apply to Amazon anyway I requested 2 days off on the app and then i get a email saying i was flagged for missing work for 2 days without putting in a request which i did and that they needed a response from me soon so i sent a reply saying i did put in a request for those 2 days and that i wasn’t sure what was going on so I never got a response so here i am thinking ok the might have seen my request to take off and they didn’t send me any more emails because everything is good so the next day i try to log into the app and it said it was temporarily disabled and to contact my manager so im like oh ok the system is probably slow or it has a problem when i get to work i will talk to my manager but I wanted to check my hours so i called ERC and tell them i have a problem logging into the app and they go sure no problem let me see what’s going on then I hear the words oh im sorry the reason you cant logg in is because you been terminated... like are you serious i put in a request on the app to take off they didn’t even wait till i went back to work to talk to me and ask me what happened because i have proof on the app that i did put in a request so before they disabled my account and terminated me if they would have talked to me first i could have shown them my proof but NOPE they just fired a hard working person without any chance of explanation ect PLEASE everyone if you are planning on working for Amazon or if you currently work there just be careful and give it a second thought i know it sounds great to work for a very well known worldwide company buuut as everyone can see on everyone’s Amazon experience it mmmiiiiiight not be theeee best option unless you don’t mind getting fired for pretty much nothing/no reason at all ... what really bothers me is that i was ready to go to work have i not wanted to check my total hours for the past week and called ERC I would have never known i was terminated and I would have shown up looking dumb wearing my badge and safety vest and gloves just to be told to take everything off and roll on out infront of everyone im glad i called and was able to avoid that embarrassment anyway good luck everyone

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    I was eligible for rehire after I voluntarily resigned and applied for another position at the same location days after. Long as you have a good record you are eligible for rehire (at the same location/any location) the sec after you voluntarily resign.

    Once you complete the application for a position, they will determine rehire eligibility which takes 1 or 2 days for confirmation and notify you by email. Then you'll move forward in the hiring process.

  • I was eligible for rehire after I voluntarily resigned and applied for another position at the same location days after. Long as you have a good record you are eligible for rehire (at the same location/any location) the sec after you voluntarily resign.

  • I worked at a location in 2015 for a year, and ended up losing the job threw a miscommunication. I just reapplied for the seasonal work, and they told me I wasn't eligible. So I called HR to see what was the problem, and they told me that I was perfectly fine to get rehired. So I applied again.. And I got the exact same email. I honestly don't know what's going on, but it is very frustrating.

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