About American Woodmark Corporation

As a major manufacturer of quality kitchen and bath cabinets for the home, American Woodmark Corporation embodies the marriage of technology, automation and American craftsmanship. We proudly offer over 500 cabinet styles—classic, transitional and contemporary—all delivering superior value. Our KCMA-certified cabinets are sold through a nationwide network of homebuilders, independent dealers and distributors, as well as Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

Our Principles


American Woodmark is an organization of employees and shareholders who have combined their resources to pursue a common goal.

What We Do
Our common goal is to create value by providing kitchens and baths of pride for the American family.

Why We Do It
We pursue this goal to earn a profit, which allows us to reward our shareholders and employees, and to make a contribution to our society.

How We Do It
Four principles guide our actions:

Customer Satisfaction
Providing the best possible quality, service and value to the greatest number of people.Doing whatever is reasonable, and sometimes unreasonable, to make certain that each customer’s needs are met each and every day.

Doing what is right. Caring about the dignity and rights of each individual. Acting fairly and responsibly with all parties. Being a good citizen in the communities in which we operate.

Understanding that we must all work together if we are to be successful. Realizing thateach individual must contribute to the team to remain a member of the team.

Striving to perform every job or action in a superior way. Being innovative, seeking new and better ways to get things done. Helping all individuals to become the best that they can be in their jobs and careers.

Once We’ve Done It
When we achieve our goal, good things happen: sales increase, profits are made, shareholders and employees are rewarded, jobs are created, our communities benefit, we have fun, and our customers are happy and proud—with a new kitchen or bath from American Woodmark.


Through the course of our company’s history and ongoing journey, we understand that we can only provide high-quality cabinets nationwide by building on a dynamic, talented and diverse workplace culture. This culture embraces people who bring with them beliefs, insights, and perspectives from varied combinations of gender, age, ethnicity, physical and mental capabilities, and overall cultural work-life backgrounds and experiences.


As a national enterprise with roots in neighborhoods across America, we’re closely involved with our communities. We have a long history of outreach programs focused on sustaining our communities, helping charitable organizations fulfill their missions, and simply being good neighbors.

About American Woodmark Corporation

American Woodmark Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of kitchen and bath cabinets for the remodeling and new home construction markets.

Headquartered in Winchester, Va., is a fully integrated, Just In Time (JIT) cabinet manufacturer. The company operates 9 manufacturing facilities, in Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland,
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