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Interviews at Army National Guard

Here’s what others thought about the interview process at Army National Guard.
Interview experience
Based on 1,856 interviews
Interview difficulty
Based on 1,831 interviews
Interview process length
Based on 1,602 interviews
About a day or two

Interview process at Army National Guard

Overview experience
Interview process length
About a day or two
About a week
More than one month
About a month
About two weeks
Most reported steps
Background check
Drug test
Written test
On-site interview
Phone call/screening
Least reported steps
They have no interview
Take-home/sample work

What candidates say about the interview process at Army National Guard

  • You go into a recrement office and you fill out the paperwork they send you to meaps to take physical test's while doing a back ground check.
    Shared on September 6, 2019 - Cannon Crewmember - Norfolk, VA
  • Lots of paperwork, must pass a physical and drug test
    Shared on November 28, 2017 - Sergeant - Frederick, MD
  • Drug screen , background check, enlist
    Shared on November 28, 2017 - E-5 Track Mechanic - Montgomery, AL

Interview questions at Army National Guard

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • They asked questions about your physical health and your background.
    Shared on September 6, 2019 - Cannon Crewmember - Norfolk, VA
  • How well do you work under pressure and time constraints.
    Shared on August 3, 2019 - Sr Human Resources Noncommissioned Officer - Fort Collins, CO
  • They have government enlistment requirements, but no formal interviews.
    Shared on March 6, 2018 - Sergeant E-5 - Hamilton, OH
Interview tips at Army National Guard
Dress code for the interview
  • They didn’t have a dress code33%
  • Casual (t-shirt and jeans)25%
  • Business casual (e.g. dress slacks)22%
  • Special outfit (e.g. protective gear)12%
  • Formal (business suit)8%
What advice do candidates give for interviewing at Army National Guard
  • Be honest be persistent
    Shared on November 29, 2019 - 19Dleta09Bravo - Dover
  • Make the best of it and be sure to get a career field that will make you money outside of the United States Military
    Shared on November 21, 2019
  • They don’t interview you, you just have to pass the background checks, drug tests, physical exams and be a US citizen
    Shared on November 19, 2019
The first interview at Army National Guard
How candidates got an interview
  • Recruiter contacted me30%
  • Walk-In30%
  • I called them17%
  • Other14%
  • Employee referral3%
How candidates received their first interview at Army National Guard
  • With a recruiter.
    Shared on July 23, 2017 - Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist - New York
  • I went to a recruiter and got information from him.
    Shared on June 26, 2017 - Military - South Carolina
  • I had an recruiter who helped me get started. My life has changed every since. I've gone places that I would have never gone and seen people that became great friends.
    Shared on June 21, 2017 - 94E radio comsec security repairer - MS
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