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195 questions about working at Banfield Pet Hospital
I would take it out of Pet Smart and make it a more caring, genuinely loving experience for staff and clients. I would take the whole retail aspect of the clinic OUT!
Answered January 21, 2018
Getting hired as a vet assistant and I am being drug tested
Answered November 25, 2016
18 an hour
Answered August 10, 2016
I went through my training, it wasn’t very long to experience coworkers/the team being awful to me within the first month. I learn in my own way, every individual is different- they treated me like I was dumb. I am not dumb I learn through repetition that doesn’t make me stupid or need to belittled. I had a coworker slap her arm on her chest and say hi to me “referring to me like I was mentally challenged” I do have learning disabilities so I felt extremely discriminated against, I am disabled physically, which isn’t their business anyways. I had another coworker who would mock me after everything I was explaining to him about a “clients question over the phone”. For a company that strives on their five principles I definitely didn’t see that in this company. I had other coworkers that would pick on me for no reason, as I would walk to the back to get my lunch people would call me weird to my face for no reason. My manager would call me out infront of the team and humiliate me, which was very unprofessional she could have approached me and told me what she needed, instead of making me repeat myself multiple times and belittling me infront of the whole staff. I had a tech scream at me on the sales floor infront of clients about scheduling a tentative appt when in fact I did not schedule it. If you’re new and learning they will drag you down, harass you, and criticize you without knowing if it was actually you or not. We had a suicide prevention meeting not one person was kind enough to pair up with me. My coworker said “I don’t participate in these you would be better off finding someone else” - we are all at work/ a team it’s not hard to engage. This job was so toxic it drove me to a place of hating my life, hating getting up to go to work, It was making me physically and emotionally sick. I don’t suggest this job to anyone. You don’t spend time with animals enough for it to be worth all of the treatment from the team, at least at this location. You don’t get paid enough for running yourself dry and working most shifts by yourself, 10-12 hour days. They always send the other person home and put you up front, but don’t care to properly train you. They care more about how many people they sign up for wellness plans. I feel they over see so many pets here I didn’t feel each pet got a proper amount of time being seen. I have worked in many positions in my careers, and this was by far unprofessional, demeaning, toxic, harassing, and abusive. I highly suggest avoiding working here if your considering it.
Answered June 15, 2016
Caring for clients and pets
Answered December 9, 2019
Management and Corporate Side that focuses on money rather than actual quality care.
Answered March 27, 2017
Stressful at times
Answered March 20, 2020
Stop telling that an employee can relocate to a new city and continue to work for Banfield. I moved, and had been told this, and when I went to confirm I was now in the new state, I was ignored by all of the nearby Banfield PMs even though they were hiring vet techs.
Answered May 24, 2018
Poor management, and rude customers.
Answered October 7, 2017
Took about 2 months between the start of the hiring process to my first day.
Answered July 12, 2016
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