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Our schools are among the best in the world. 

The average BASIS student not only outperforms the typical U.S. student, they also score higher than their global peers in Shanghai, Finland, and Singapore—countries and regions which are noted for having the best education in the world. 

Our teachers are subject experts and passionate educators.

BASIS teachers have degrees in their field, many have advanced degrees, but don't necessarily have a teaching license. Since many have spent their adult lives studying a subject they love, they're passionate about what they teach. It's that passion that inspires students to overcome challenges, grasp new concepts and love learning.

Our curriculum fuels creative thinking and problem-solving.

We provide an accelerated and rigorous curriculum to help prepare students for today's workforce. Each grade focuses on building two core skills: the organization of complex tasks and the productive management of limited time.

We motivate students to reach their highest potential and prepare them for the demands of further education, a rewarding career and global citizenship.

Our Teachers

Teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning.

Ask any BASIS.ed student what makes their school different and they will first tell you, "the teachers." Our teachers' passion for what they teach creates an environment in which students are nurtured and grow to love learning.

Our teachers are experts in their subjects!

At BASIS.ed, we hire educators with academic degrees in the disciplines they teach. More than 70% of our BASIS.ed teachers have at least a master's degree in their subject. 

Our teachers are selected for BASIS.ed quality!

We hire only the most qualified teachers. Upon selection as top candidates, prospective teachers are challenged to teach a lesson during one of our Demo-Teach Days. Only the teachers who are highly ranked by students and faculty are hired.

Our teachers inspire great performance!

When students love to learn, they excel. Student performance has consistently topped rankings in educational achievement both at home and abroad; our graduates attend the world's most prestigious and respected higher learning institutions.

About BASIS.ed

BASIS.ed is a dynamic American educational network that manages world quality schools in three complementary markets: free public charter schools; private schools; international private schools. Our goal is to provide the widest possible access to our program in order to provide our graduates with the widest degree of choice in their future lives. All the schools in our network are built upon the same pedagogic, curricular and cultural educational platform that is accredited by AdvancedED.

BASIS.ed creates and manages the central curricular, assessment, teacher and manager training processes that make our student learning results possible. It also provides all back office support services to the schools: human resources, finance and accounting, marketing and IT.

Our culture is driven by a relentless focus on the key factors that improve student learning: we have a standard to inspire quality in every school that we manage.

BASIS.ed Faculty

BASIS.ed Primary Model

About BASIS Educational Group

Our Mission:
At BASIS.ed, the classroom is sacrosanct and student- teacher interaction is the essential educational activity. The value we place on nurturing this relationship is evident in how we allocate our resources and the deep signs of respect we show toward teachers and the learning process. Teachers open the minds of students to their disciplines.
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