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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative yearly salaries in the United States at Bayer

Job Title
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
United States

Estimated average pay

Below national average
Average $51,163
Low $47,581
High $57,302
The estimated middle value of the base pay for Pharmaceutical Sales Representative at this company in the United States is $51,163 per year.
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Common benefits at Bayer

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Financial perks

  • Relocation assistance


  • Health insurance
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Reviews about Pay & Benefits for Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Bayer

Great company

Worked for Bayer in Germany - at first through a leasing agency, then got a Bayer contract. Was the best company I ever worked for - great products, great job culture and benefits. Lots of training, coaching and help in the team to succeed. Work hard and get the recognition - sales bonus and big company events. Hardest part of the job was to cancel it because I relocated to the USA. Would love to connect to Bayer here and would always work for them again.


Great pay, benefits, training, coaching


No 40 hour weeks but you can organize your days/weeks on your own
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My first pharmaceutical job and a great company to be a part of.

My typical day was leaving my house at 7am and calling on physicians and their staff, as well as hospitals, in which I would promote the advantages of the pharmaceutical drugs that I had responsibility for. During my time with Bayer I became a Certified Pharmaceutical Representative, and was constantly being trained on our products and how to best promote our drugs, our company and myself. I had several different divisional managers while with Bayer and I enjoyed working with them all. As a pharmaceutical representative with Bayer, I was assigned my own territory and thus did not have a partner to work with. However, I was still part of a team of representatives and we would do what we could to help one another become better representatives. The hardest part of my job was trying to get my product on a hospital formulary in place of another drug in the same class. Mainly because this was a very time consuming and sometimes would take a year or longer. The most enjoyable part of my job was building relationships with the physicians and their staff, while knowing that I was helping their patients get better.


Great Company to work for and great benefits and pay.


Not being able to work for them longer once they sold their product line.
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Exelent experience

Productive a good managment, operational industry is very important for development and produce a good products
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How much does a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative make at Bayer in the United States?

The estimated average pay for Pharmaceutical Sales Representative at this company in the United States is $51,163 per year, which is 26% below the national average.


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