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What would you suggest Big Lots management do to prevent others from leaving?

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  • Pay commission for furniture sales . Your doing three jobs , selling , warehouse , loading . All for managements bonuses ! What a joke ! New people get paid as much as someone who has been there for years ! Yearly raises , 4 cents to 22 cents . Aren't you special !

  • The company ( not necessarily store leadership) needs to show they value their teams. A $60 budget to feed an entire store team a Christmas meal/party is not nearly enough! Show they care by not being open on holidays when the profit is significantly less than the wages paid for that day! Come up with a business model that will help sales that does not involve doing random unplanned discounts days so frequently that it hurts the performance of actual friends and family weekends! Doing them just a few weeks apart does not drive the business they are looking for. Secondly pay the associates fairly. I had a lead associate that has been with the company 12 years and makes the same as the brand new associates. When asking for some kind of better compensation for her it was denied. I have been in retail for almost 20 years and this by far is the worst place for someone to work and grow in the company.

  • Manerment meed to stop playing favorite please treat us all like real peoples and don’t keep throwing stuff at our face sure a company can take in save but can’t keep real hard true employee around. Rise the pay rate and wenot like animal we have a limit we all can reach before we break to the point if you have a medical or disability don’t work here they treat you like trash sure 20%discounr nice but at what cost of your health . They have Brock out dates too an theirs a lot of stress in the air. If you can’t drive and respond on a ride they never understand that you need to be out at that time flame

  • Stop treating employees disrespectful. We are not your children we are your employees/coworkers. Being in management doesn’t give you the power to treat people like their beneath you. Give the employees that you have more hours and stop hiring new people who are going to quit because of low wages, being forced to do 4 days worth in 2, not enough hours,being made to go on break after only working 2 hrs of a 6 1/2 hr shift, and being treated poorly by management.

  • Stop worrying about the number of employees you have on hand and give more hours to the ones who put out the work and the pay is by far not very good.

  • 1.Build a strong team with great training,
    2. Acknowledge their good work

    3. Make work fun and exciting

    4. Encourage them to cross-train to learn all areas so that they don't get bored with one particular job.

    5. Raise the pay rate to be competitive with other companies.

    6. Communication is key

  • Act like human beings and stop belittling staff. Bunch of young unorganized bullies at newburgh ny location.

  • The setback seems to be that hours are at a huge premium and I feel it is due to too many part timers. YET favorites are quite obvious and shouldn’t exist especially for cashier, if someone has higher sign up rate they get all the hours (sad yet true). If you’re ratings are average or poor, good luck bringing them up when you barely see the register and can’t even get enough reps down to get a good sign up method. Also, years=commitment, give some type of raise to someone who’s been in business almost as long as most other managers. As well as some one who shows amazing potential, don’t put them on a pedestal but instead give them a good reflection of what they deserve with a raise or promotion.

  • Keep employees more informed
    Pay 15$ for j+EOM

    What happened to facilitating?

    Don't let good Employee/Leads that have proven themselves over and over for years get away..Make a bigger deal for Stores of the future

  • Show respect to your employees

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  1. What would you suggest Big Lots management do to prevent others from leaving?