Who We Are

BlackRock is a global investment firm, trusted to manage more assets than any other. Our clients are companies, governments, foundations, and millions of individuals saving for retirement, their children’s educations, and a better life. We are passionate about providing products and services that can help them build a strong financial future. Our employees from around the globe are students of the market and students of technology, respectfully anti-bureaucratic, and innovative at the core.

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How We've Evolved

BlackRock was founded in 1988 by eight people in a single room in New York City, who believed they could build a better asset management firm. One that would put our clients' needs and interests first, that was dedicated to fact-based, data-driven investing, innovative thinking, and a passion for understanding and managing risk.

Fast-forward almost 30 years later, BlackRock is still founder-led. Despite having grown to over 13,000 employees and becoming the largest asset manager in the world, we haven’t lost our entrepreneurial, start-up spirit. As we continuously evolve and adapt, technology plays an increasingly important role in how we conduct our business and serve our clients.

Tech @ BLK

Aladdin is BlackRock’s central nervous system—uniting all the information, people and technology needed to manage money in real time. We call it "collective intelligence", helping us see clearer, work smarter, and make better decisions. It's always evolving and improving, emerging as one of BlackRock’s fastest growing businesses and a leading revenue stream. As a result, we're bringing in some of the best and the brightest technologists to help shape the future of this product.

At the heart of BlackRock, the largest investment management firm in the world, is the Aladdin Product Group. Being a member of the Aladdin Product Group means working with the industry’s thought leaders to build innovative and forward looking products that shape the financial markets.

BlackRock leverages bigger data. To deliver smarter money. And drive impact in the lives of millions of people around the globe.

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Be yourself. Be valued for it.

Our purpose is simple: we have a responsibility to help people around the world – from all walks of life – build a better financial future. So our workforce must reflect the diversity of our clients, in order to bring a wealth of perspectives and insights to solve their unique, complex challenges.

We’re a global firm with offices across more than 30 countries, but we operate as “One BlackRock” – and every single employee plays a critical role. No one group or location is more important than another. We thrive on collaboration, mutual trust and respect, and challenge ourselves – and each other – to collectively raise our game.

We already know that the best solutions result from the ideas and contributions of a diverse team of partners, and that more diverse teams tend to outperform homogeneous ones. But it’s not enough to focus solely on building a diverse workforce. We take it one step further and ensure that each and every employee feels included – that they belong.

When inclusion and diversity unite together, they drive outstanding performance and innovation. It’s good for our people, and it’s good for business. And that’s a fact.

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Building Access to Better Futures

Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not. That's why BlackRock is partnering with Kiva to help entrepreneurs around the world rise out of poverty.

We provide our 13,000+ employees worldwide with $25 each to make a loan to an entrepreneur of their choice in need of capital in the developing world to start or grow their business, or improve the health of their families.

Learn more about the partnership here: http://muse.cm/2xnghHc

About BlackRock Inc.

BlackRock's business is investing on behalf of our clients, from large institutions to parents and grandparents, doctors and teachers who entrust their savings to us. We work only for our clients—period. Our promise is to offer them the clearest thinking about what to do with their money and the products and services they need to secure a better financial – more... 

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