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Working for almost 2 years now as a supervisor and I tell you the future of Blaze is not looking bright for my region. Why? Low pay for employees and expect them to work for their standards and claim they’re not Fast Food but Fast-casual. This leads to high turnover and people calling out which means horrible guest service because you want get the guest out of here as quick as possible. It’s impossible to have a good strong staff for over year because they leave for better opportunities which I don’t blame them at all. Give employees more raise and you’ll see a big impact.


The working environment is kind of fun, it's a lot of people ages 16 - 25 cool,young people. It's a cool work environment because your working with your peers but it's also because they are unprofessional. It's a nice little 11.75 an he but it's a hat is fast paced job. A lot of customers and A lot of pizza flying out. It's A lot of hard gruesome work and the managers and stuff really don't care that it's a lot of work and they just expect you to do it. Working a lot of hard long hours and closing is a b**** with only 6 people. I severely cut my finger once doing dishes and was gushing blood. They won't train me on any thing else all I did was dying and clean and dishes. The managers were unprofessional and unorganized. The head manager didn't listen to anyone's schedule request even though they claim the schedule is flexible. She was sick all week so all she did was copy last week schedule which people had a problem with but she just copied the same exact schedule without any schedule changes. I called her with these complaints and she told me that I was scheduled to work that day when I had looked at the schedule and clearly I wasn't scheduled to work but she said I was only to use me because someone else called off and they were working short. I felt and feel used and abused.


They gave me hope and compassion and love and great motivation. And hard working


It’s not the same thing, you are allowed to wear it but by law it has to be tucked into your shirt because it is a Health violation for any jewelry to be dangling over food.