Building for the Future. Living for Today. (Feel the BrightLeaf Difference)

Our mission is to re-imagine quality of life for a more comfortable, sustainable future.
To us, quality of life is not only defined by the perception of individuals, but also by what surrounds them and how it came to be. It’s about having a positive impact on our world and improving key aspects that matter most. From our neighborhoods, our materials, the air we breathe, to the conversations we have at the farmers’ market. Every positive interaction we have can improve someone’s quality of life from that moment, to years in the future. It’s about realizing what is and what can be – while changing what was.

Builders of the Future

Our team's drive is based around the philosophies of Kaizen, constant improvement. We believe that everything should get better, always. From our interactions with our teammates to the processes we uphold, to the homes we create; we will not go stagnant.
Therefore, as creators of making things better, we have been dubbed The Architects of Improvement.

Team Building Fridays

What better way to get to know each other as humans than during a few drinks at happy hour?

Construction Supervisor Position

As a Project Supervisor at BrightLeaf you will work directly with our senior construction manager, Alex, to build cutting-edge, high-performance homes in scattered locations in existing neighborhoods. We’ll provide on the job and one on one training to help you learn how to effectively manage our job sites and deliver our clients new construction homes that are Built for Life.

Melting a Penny on a Woman's Hand: Proving the Quality of our Product

Unbelievable Fire Proof Insulation (Do Not Try At Home)
Watch as we melt a penny on this woman's hand with only two inches of insulation keeping her hand safe! Our dense pack cellulose insulation is amazing. Not only is it non-flammable, but it is also non-settling, pest resistant, an excellent sound barrier, and made from 90% post-consumer recycled content. Just another example of the science, innovation, and quality that goes into building a BrightLeaf home.

About BrightLeaf Homes LLC

At BrightLeaf, every day is a commitment to seeking out the most sustainable, healthy materials and technology to create long-lasting, beautiful homes that improve the quality of life and health of those who live in them. The home construction industry is in need of a better, smarter, more ecological path, and BrightLeaf is leading the way.

No matter
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  • Save the Date for the upcoming Green Built Home Tour and see how this bold farmhouse style home comes to life. The seventh annual GreenBuilt Home Tour is August 3 and 4, 2019 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Summer is here! Catch some sunshine and share it with the world! 
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  • @svenjarrett and his apprentice were on site today checking out a foundation being poured and catching it on video! (The boy was too distracted by the precision and grace of the concrete truck to smile 😊) #buildingabetterfuture one hole at time #greenbuilding #sustainable #chicagoland #chicagorealtor #brightpeople
  • The difference is in the details... temperature control, air sealing, pests, and so much more can be improved when the home is insulated well. Which job would you prefer? .
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