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Interviewing at CVS Health

See what people said about the interview process at CVS Health.

Interview experience

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Interview difficulty

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Interview process length

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About a day or two

Interview process at CVS Health

Overall experience

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Interview process length
About a day or two
About a week
About two weeks
About a month
More than one month
Most reported steps
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Least reported steps
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Interview questions at CVS Health

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • they asked me to tell them about myself, why I wanted to work there, and about my qualifications.
    Shared on November 12, 2022 - Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) - Silsbee, TX
  • They wanted to know if I was able to measure and meet metrics.
    Shared on October 29, 2022 - Operations Supervisor - Remote
  • Routine questions
    Shared on October 4, 2022 - Quality Assurance Field Nurse and Account Manager - Virginia
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The first interview at CVS Health

How candidates got an interview
  • Through Indeed20%
  • Other online job site18%
  • Employee referral17%
  • Other13%
  • Walk-In11%

How candidates received their first interview at CVS Health

  • Through email asking for an interview. When you go it’s In-person with 1 person, then they’ll walk you to another office with like 3-4 ppl all staring at you and asking you more interview questions as…
    Shared on December 28, 2021 - Data Entry Pharmacy Technician - Savage, MD
  • My sister worked in the pharmacy and she got me into the front store
    Shared on September 8, 2020 - Cashier, Shift Supervisor - Federal Way, WA
  • Applied for the position. Knew people working there.
    Shared on October 23, 2019 - Revenue Qualifier - 6990B Snowdrift Road Allentown PA 18106

Common questions about interviewing at CVS Health

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