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How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Caption Call? What are the steps along the way?

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I applied the 1st of the month. I had my test/interview on the 3rd. The typing test was a breeze. The dictating voice to text test was a bit nerve racking. For me this was mainly due to an employee standing there with you. Overall the tests are easy to pass. Then a few minutes later I went in for an interview. During the interview we worked out a schedule that worked best for both of us. The next day I submitted a urine sample and a background check. I got the results back via email the following Wednesday. Caption Call contacted me the following Monday via email and asked me to set up a time to discuss my background results. I had a class B misdemeanor form years prior. We had a phone call and they let me tell them what happened etc. They told they need to further review this to make a decision. Four days later I received the call that I got the job. Later that day I received an email informing when I would start training. For me it took a total of 28 days from applying to start training and get paid. If you have a clean background I would assume it could still take about 3 weeks to start.

If you pass the initial test you'll be interviewed on the spot. I was one of the top 3 best scores they ever had and they didn't hire me. They state they have a very flexible schedule so when I told them the hours I was available they told me they only have specific schedules and I had to pick one. None of them worked for me so they didn't hire me. You'd think having one of the top best scores they would work with me. Their loss!!

1 month. You must get a background check, take a drug test, provide your social security card and birth certificate.

After you apply it typically takes between 1 or 2 days but luckily I got an email from them like 2 hours after I submitted my application. They will send you an email asking you to choose a day and time to have your interview and if you were to be hired, what schedule would you prefer. Then on the day of the interview they test your typing speed and accuracy as well as a test on your dictation, which is basically you repeating what you hear on the headset. If you pass both of those then you will be interviewed by a hiring manager. If they give you a job offer, they will ask you to go take a drug test no later than 2 days after your interview. After a couple of days, they will receive your results and if you pass they will let you know when your training starts. This all took me around 1.5 weeks. Then the training can last anywhere between 1 week to a month depending on how fast you learn and succeed in the training. If you still haven't passed in a month, then they will terminate your employment.

Quick turn around less than a week to official hire

2 step interview first is the typing test and the speaking test and the second is with a manager you will know within 48 hours if you have the job. typical from interview to 1st day is 2 weeks

I applied online. Within a few days I was contacted to take a typing & voice recognition test. Picked out a schedule that day. Was officially offered the position no more than 5 days later. Training is 6 hours a day with 2 10 minute breaks. Last 3 weeks. When you pass the easy training then you are officially hired which means you are out of training and will get benefits in 90 days

Typically 2 weeks. Take a test to check your abilites, then the interview if accepted. Takes 2 to 3 weeks to get into the training part of the company, and start getting paid.

After you submit a resume and apply online you are usually contacted in the next day or two with a phone call, they will set up a time for you to come in and take a typing test and a speech test (both are simple and they send an email explaining everything and how to practice or them). After you have taken the test if you pass they have you fill out a form for the schedule you want and then they give you a schedule for training. Training usually takes two weeks and is pretty fun actually! After you complete training you are officially and employee!

You take a typing test, speech test, and then get an interview if you pass. If you get the job, you start paid training. It's five hours a day and takes most people 1 to 2 weeks. Once you pass training, you start on the floor captioning calls. Overall, could take up to a month to start on the floor depending on your hire date after you get the job and how long it takes you to get through training.

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