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CaptiveAire is a unique place to work. We continuously improve our methods at all levels, we strive for excellence daily, and we uphold integrity at all times. Responsibility and self-reliance are expected from every individual; you won't find hand-holding here. We believe execution is the ultimate determinant of success, as outcome matters far more than the process it took to reach it. It's a rigorous kind of place and not for the faint of heart, but one that gives a true purpose for living and contributing to this world.

True to our entrepreneurial roots, we utilize a flat management structure, meaning we have very little tolerance for bureaucracy and time wasting. Employees are actively encouraged and expected to solve problems in real-time, and are given all of the necessary resources to do so. We've found that this allows us to serve our customers to the best of our ability and keeps our team happy and engaged.


"Great company all the way around. Positive leadership with people helping one another with the goal of a better company." - Manufacturing Team Member

"Each day presents a new set of challenges and with those challenges comes professional and personal growth. I feel as though I have been enrolled at CaptiveAire University for 15 years." - Regional Sales Manager

"CaptiveAire is a refreshingly sane place to work. I've worked at a variety of companies over the years ranging from bearable to insufferable. The work here is interesting and the people are great. We have all of this plus a great work/life balance." - Software Engineer

Our Products

CaptiveAire's extensive product line includes a wide range of commercial and industrial ventilation systems. All of our products undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure they meet our customers' needs and are built to the best of our ability. We design our products to last and include the industry's best warranties, providing systems that operate for 20 years or more. Our nationwide CASService team of factory trained technicians keeps our systems running smoothly for years, and our proprietary CASLink software allows users to view operational data and manage their systems remotely.

With these and other improvements, we are working to provide a superior level of quality and integration to our users, making CaptiveAire a name they can trust.


"CaptiveAire has a track record of continual growth, longevity, and stability. This ensures job security and provides opportunities for people who want to grow with a company and have a long-term career without fear of lay offs." - Corporate Accountant

"CaptiveAire provides me with the flexibility to maximize family time while still working hard in the field. You get to manage yourself and set your own schedule without the big boss behind you watching your every move." - Field Service Technician

"CaptiveAire is an incredibly welcoming and supportive place. Recognition and appreciation are continual, and employees are encouraged to take risks to meet big goals. Mistakes are learning opportunities, not failures." - Corporate Operations Staff

Our Founder

Bob Luddy grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has been entrepreneurially minded since he landed his first job on a bread delivery truck at age 11. After attending college and opening a fiberglass manufacturing business, serving in Vietnam, and starting a family, he founded CaptiveAire in 1976 with $1,300 capital. From Day 1, his mission was to serve the User as best as he possibly could. Over forty years later, that mission continues to be his driving goal.


Read Bob's Book:

"How you think will determine your future." - Bob Luddy

Our Community

Thales College | Thales Academy | Franklin Academy | St. Thomas More Academy

Bob, our founder, is passionate about education. His goal is to help every child have the chance to fulfill their potential and make a difference in the world. A true entrepreneur, Bob began applying his skills to the education sector in 1998. Over the past 20 years, he has founded four school systems: Franklin Academy, a public charter K-12 school; St. Thomas More Academy, a private classical high school; Thales Academy, a growing chain of independent Pre-K-12 schools; and Thales College, a soon to open independent liberal arts institution. The Luddy Schools currently educate over 4,000 students every year, with new campuses continually being developed and established. CaptiveAire is proud to support the growth of these schools, impacting thousands of lives for generations.


Learn more about Thales Academy:

Learn more about Thales College:

"If there's one thing that can be done to make this a far better world, it's educating our students to their highest potential." - Bob Luddy

Our People

"CaptiveAire has a high level of standards and values that are more than just superficial. This provides a sense of pride and satisfaction in work that most jobs lack." - Engineering Manager

"CaptiveAire empowers employees to get results. My needs are always met and usually exceeded." - Software Engineer

"CaptiveAire challenges us but rewards us in so many ways - great hours, monthly bonus, catered lunch, gift cards, etc." - Manufacturing Team Member

"I like working for a manager that works just as hard and harder than I do. This makes me want to work even harder and push to try to get on the same level as the manager. There is room to “move up” in this company if you are willing to work for it." - Technical Sales & Field Service Engineer

"Not many companies can create an environment for employees to feel as though they are entrepreneurs. I feel as though I am running a small business, without the headache of actually owning one." - Regional Sales Manager

About CaptiveAire Systems

CaptiveAire® is the leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems in North America. CaptiveAire was founded in 1976 and offers a wide range of commercial and industrial HVAC systems manufactured at six regional factories throughout the US. As the industry's innovator, CaptiveAire® sets the standard for quality and service, and offers – more... 

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