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Good place to work. Treats for birthday celebrants. Good compensation benefits . Job security and room for advancements.

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Typical day at work- 12 hours shift. starts with turn over activities. Learned the 5 S and 6 sigma in Lean Manufacturing. Management acknowledge the good works done. Excellent Team work. Hardest part is working 12 hours each shift. Enjoyable part is when production target was achieved.


5 days off after working 5 nights. 2 days off in 2 days work


12 hours shift
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Difficult work environment

Local management at our Oregon facility does the best they can. No real complaints with them. Corporate management is out of touch with reality.Overall good place to work and pick up some skills. The labor shortage has everyone stretched to the max lately.


Good coworkers


Corporate does not have a clear vision of the future
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Corporate is trying to sell us/ Wages are stuck in the stone ages/ Skilled labor stay away

Our corporate headquarters is dead set on ending our primary revenue stream for an inferior product. I love my job and most my coworkers but the pay here is very low and behind the times especially for skilled labor. The corporate objective recently is to penny pinch where it makes no sense, spend irresponsibly and invest in dead products. There is a demoralized atmosphere for the production employees, they are underpaid and harassed by (some) management. Production employees are forced to choose between working forced overtime all summer and through the holidays or face disciplinary action or termination. If they try to take their scheduled days off they are forced to use their earned vacation time to cover. Cost of housing, fuel, food, and everyday items have recently been going up and Carestream's wages are stuck in the past, employees are forced to absorb the cost of living increases. When wages are brought up management refuses acknowledge this inadequacy. Instead they often act as though they are paying more than they should.


Clean and climate controlled environment, good people and a good variety of schedules (when you get your days off).


Low pay, almost no upward mobility, rude and condescending production management and a dead end for production employees.
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A series of dead end jobs that employees can transfer between

The factory floor consist of two twelve hour shifts for a twenty four hour work force seven days a week. Forced overtime is a regular expectation on the job site in the factory. The average factory employee will work a fifty to sixty hour work week. They company provides little in the way of bonuses, and has routinely cut their employee benefit programs for their factory employees. This combined with little time off and a low number of sick days has created an environment of high turn over and constantly injured staff.


A livable wage when overtime is factored in.


Long hours in an unsafe work environment.
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The work atmosphere degraded through the years

In the beginning, it was a nice place to work and the pay was very decent. Did evolve through three more companies with a little bit more negative atmosphere with each one. Toward the end they had cut so many spending corners that I made less than I had when I started work there
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worst company ever!!!!

Worked for this company for a few months then got fired!!! just because i saw something that was very unsafe to work around and told management about it!!! The temp agency called and told me that i am no longer needed!!! A permanent worker called me and said that they did not wanna fix the problem cause it would cost the company too much money... Said too many employees complain but management does not care about our safety,,,, they only care about PRODUCTION!!!!
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working here is awful

never appreciated or rewarded. bust your butt for twelve hour shifts only to get terrible reviews. you have to explain the "beyond expectations" stuff you do throughout the year in order to get a raise. then the average worker gets squat but the employee that lies and makes up a bunch of stuff get a really good raise. management is so unaware of which employee does squat and which ones really bust butt. if you complain about the worker that does squat.... your review just got worse, and your raise just got lower.... management doesn't wanna hear the TRUTH!!!
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HR Manager Business Partner (new job opening)

Everybody on Indeed, have you seen that Carestream Health in White City Oregon has a job opening for a HR Manager Business Partner??? This is a job so that the current HR manager does not have to do her job!!!! The person who gets this job will do all of her work so she can just sit back and not do anything!!!! She asked management for help because she thinks she is so darn busy when she really does nothing!!! doesn't anybody work anymore??? Carestream keeps hiring person after person to take the load off of someone in charge then another person to take the load off of that person and so on and so on!!! What a joke!!! Employees who hand off their work to someone who hands off their work to someone..... well i think you get the picture!!!!
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Not worth working here!!!!

Everything BAD about working here!!!! Management is terrible!!!! They always blame the workers!!!!! Keep taking away pay and benefits!! Every year they make it harder and harder to get a raise!!!! Once was very hard to get hired on,,, now any drug addict or high school dropout can get a job!!! if you don't mind being mistreated and talked down to, with zero raises or promotions!!!
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Not a place you wanna work for!!!

This place is not a place you wanna work for unless you have family in management!!! Otherwise you will be treated very poorly and will never advance or get any raises!!! If you go to HR and complain, next thing you know is that you will get written up for god knows what!!! The current HR lady will side with management ALWAYS and you the employee will always get written up for ever complaining about anything!!!! I was there when previous HR employees actually helped the employee.... they were FIRED!!!! because management do not want employees to complain about not enough breaks, discrimination, unsafe work practices, or any other complaints!!! The new HR lady sides with management and you eventually get fired!!! Stay away!!!!
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Management is truly worthless!!!

I was only at this job for a few years and all I heard from the employees was that management was really bad and that they only took care of employees that either kissed butt or were family or friends of family!!!! I did experience this while i was there!!!! Managers who gave big bonuses, raises and promotions to the "FAVORITE" employees!!!! I have 100% proof of this!!! Let me know and I will provide names!!!!
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Fast paced fun enviorment

I learned the process in which the chemicals are put on the polyester backing for x-ray film. We had fun for the most part. My coworkers and I would joke around and listen to music while coating and wrapping the film.
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Please stay away!!!!

This place is a backstabbing, low life, dying company, with a very terrible management team (who think they are very educated) yeah right!!!! Employment seekers!!! Trust me and STAY AWAY FROM THIS CANCER CAUSING and never being appreciated company who keeps taking from the employees so that these newly created management positions (who are friends or family of management) or always kiss butt with management.... get paid like $65,000 a year, just to walk around but are told by TOP managers to "NOT HELP THE workers ever!!! even if they are behind in production" the moron who busts butt 12 plus hours a day makes a little above minimum wage!!! and management gets paid to watch movies on their phone, walk around day and night, eat, play on their computers???? Trust me people.... It is NOT worth $13 an hour to be a hardworking cancer susceptible, employee who gets NOTHING in return!!!!!


Lunch truck comes on dayshift


absolutely NOT a single thing!!!
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If temp don't expect to get hired

Worked for the company through a temp agency for a year. Learned lots of positions from packing operator to unwind operator. After one year of work through the temp agency, was told to leave. Never was hired. Why, I was never told
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Terrible work environment!!!

If you are not related to management or friends of the management team, you are pretty much doomed!!!! Really don't understand why friends or family of management can perform their job really poorly with bad results or get hurt or call in sick a lot and NOTHING happens.... But the other employees who DO NOT have family in management or are NOT friends with any of the management team, basically gets treated VERY POORLY!!!! Employees can make the same mistakes, call in sick the same amount, perform the same..... and the employee who has friends or family in management, get praised for their work!!! Where the employee who DO NOT have friends or family in management get written up, get terrible reviews, no raises, get talked down to!!! Trust me job seekers, STAY AWAY FROM THIS EMPLOYER!!! so many are filing lawsuits now that will bring this place down for discrimination!!!!! So many of us past employees have written proof that one will get written up and another who is family or friends of management, do not get written up for the same exact thing!!!! And even if you go to HR, you still are not treated fairly!!! Lets join together and put this discriminatory place out of business once and for all!!!! Watch the news for the court dates!!!!


not a single thing!!!!


everything you can ever think of!!!
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Worst place to work in the valley!!!!

You are treated very badly at this place unless of course you have family or friends working there!!! Management creates nonexistent simple positions for family or friends that pay really high, but employees who are not in the favorable circle, will never advance or get raises!!! When a position comes up, current employees will apply only to get turned down. (but they interview these employees to look good) only to hire someone they know who is looking for a job!!!


good if you are family or friends of management


short breaks, if they like you you'll go to day shift, if they don't graveyard you'll stay!!!
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Money is good if u want to work all summer then be slow in the winter

Worked for 5 years and I had a bad couple months personally and they let me go no loyalty in this job easily replaceable .........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good benefits


Management sucks
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Building services is by far the worst department

You will become frustrated quickly because favoritism is the name of the game in that department. The supervisor will lie about you and the supervisor she lies to will be biased against you. The whole place always looks like it needs to be cleaned. That is because if you try and do your job and actually CLEAN they will accuse you of trying to make the others look bad. Don't waste your time.


good benefits


inept supervisors
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was a great place to work till it became Carestream Health

Once upon a time this was a great place to got double time for every Sunday that you worked, triple time if you worked on holidays, overtime after working eight hours,(twelve hour shifts there) very little taken out of your check for insurance, got personal days to take off.... Then it became Carestream Health and started paying employee's straight time for Sunday, straight time for working holidays, overtime after ten hours instead of eight, reduced personal holidays so it worked for office and management who were eight hour shifts but for those working twelve hour shifts ended up losing a day.... Started taking out a few hundred dollars every two weeks for insurance with a thousand dollar deductible!!!! Then came the smaller raises, smaller bonuses, less picnics, less Christmas parties, less appreciations, less pats on the back, less shutdown times, less workers having to do more the work of three or more employees!!!! Management had favorite employees (basically the ones who never voiced their opinion) or (never complained about being understaffed) and kept taking away all the good stuff that was once given by 3M, Imation, Eastman Kodak Company,,,, but now its this place called Carestream which is the worst place in this valley to work for!!!


nothing really unless you like being talked down to!!!


less pay, more work, less benefits, less time off, more hours worked
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Hard to advance if you aren't related to anyone in charge

play the game that management wants you to play and you will get good reviews and raises.... say anything about unsafe practices or that you feel you are being mistreated or discriminated against and might as well kiss all your raises, advancements, and good reviews goodbye...also if more than one employee gets hurt and requires a trip to the emergency room,,, the one that has relatives or friends working in management just gets a "sorry about your incident, how are you doing?" where the other employee gets written up for "not following standard procedure" By far the worst managed company I have ever worked for!!!!


Closed on Christmas day


if you complain, get hurt, or make a mistake they'll try anything to get rid of you
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Terrible Management Team

Really not worth working here unless you are a moron!!! This is by far the worst company I have ever worked for, far as back stabbing, lying,terrible management team who gives bad reviews and put you down, gives excuses why you aren't getting a raise or promotion, but the family member or friend of someone in the front office gets HIGH praises!!!! This is the most WORST, BACKSTABBING, UNEDUCATED MANAGEMENT TEAM workplace that anyone has ever worked at!!!


Not a thing!!!


Where should I begin???
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