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Did you you know that April 20th is the kick-off of National Park Week? 🌳 On April 20, 2019, every National Park offers fee-free day, where all entrance fees are waived. Read about five National Parks located in California that are definitely worth checking out. -
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Making Easter 🐰 special for your kids doesn’t have to bust your budget. Read about some practical ways to spoil your kids at Easter with goodies, prizes, and activities 🐣 without actually spoiling your budget. 💵
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It's April and tax refunds are just around the corner. Here are some spring cleaning tips for your bank account that can help you save this month if your return is a bit lower than usual. 💵
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🍀 Looking to save a few bucks this March? Here are some tips that can help you save BIG this month! It'll make all your friends green with the green you're going to save. -
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Tired of your vacuum sucking up your money? 🏠Make sure to check out our recent blog that'll help you find the right vacuum for your home!

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💕 Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕Love to save money? Make sure to check out our tips on how to save during the month of love! Link in bio!
🎉 Ring in the new year without having to break the bank!💰Learn how to save 10 different ways to save. Check out our link in the bio!
Is it ever too early to start planning for Christmas? With the holiday season slowly creeping up, we want you to be confident that you’re ready to get all the Christmas shopping out of the way! Make sure to check out our newest blog~ Link in bio!

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