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Great secure employment with good pay

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While working in a call center can be stressful, it's interesting to speak to so many different people. Every call and situation is different. This job definitely keeps you challenged and you won't be bored. The company makes sure you are taken care of on holidays and offers lots of overtime. Wages are good compared with other similar positions in the area. I have been here for almost 8 years and have worked as an operator and then as a supervisor before moving into my current position in new accounts. My co-workers are some of the best people I've ever worked with and I feel a sense of job security knowing that this company has been around for so long and is continuing to grow.
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Awesome place to work!

I have been with the company for a little over a year and this is hands down the best place I have worked. They offer PTO time holiday pay and bonuses with job security. The pay is great and the bonuses are amazing and easy to achieve with the coaching and constant feedback you get. Management is always super helpful. I have finally found a career and I love my job!


Work from home, great pay and bonuses, Pto, health insurance and a set schedule.


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Best Company I have ever worked for

I started with Centratel a few months ago, and the job has been life-changing. Great learning experience, and great pay. Everyone operates in professionalism and the work environment is very soothing. The hardest part of the job was getting used to the hours, but everything after that has been smooth sailing. Centratel is a wonderful company with great staff and even greater pay.
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Great Career

Out of every career I have every had from banking to Tech support this is by far the best career I have ever had! For the first time I feel like I have found the perfect career that allows me to have the home/work life balance and job security I have desired since my first daughter was born 12 years ago.Like any job it takes hard work to achieve your goals but it is not an impossible mission here at Centratel. From day 1 I had support from great supervisors. Co workers are great at helping as well. The expectations are high but so are the rewards. I love how the owner is constantly in communication with his employees and the owner really wants us all to succeed!


Shift bids, Pto, Work from Home, Great support team, pay, work/home life balance, and job security
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Not for everyone, or rather not anyone unless you're friends with management.

My experience working on-site with centratel was profoundly negative. In fact it may have been the most negative job I've ever worked for. It's an answering service at it's core and they answer for all kinds of different services. At a glance that sounds neat. Until you consider; different clients have different needs, and the same standard time restraints apply for a company that wants as sparse of a message as possible, also apply for companies that want the maximum level of detail possible. It's a completely inflexible system, and no matter how hard you try, it's just your fault in the company's eyes, and the client's eyes.The founder of the company is the type of person who makes a point to let you know their family had english teachers. Because of this, there is a team of about 4 proof-readers that will go through your calls with a fine tooth comb for grammatical errors; and if they don't find it, you have a quota for how many times you report your coworkers errors each month.Lets couple this with one more fact, they use software that looks like it is from the early to mid 90s. Because of this, you have an extreme character limit(sub 100). You have about enough space to type 2/3rds of a sentence. Grammatically correct it, Gather their contact information, and a whole host of other requirements. These requirements vary largely client by client, and a large percentage have more than that. Got all their information logged? Ok now you have to repeat it to them verbatim as you logged it, then you have to do all of this in under a minute. If you get pulled aside because - 


They pay for your insurance, but only health insurance.


Unrealistic Expectations, Clients don't actually want you to take messages
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Expect to be used then Discarded

Management is very lacking,they do nothing with info given to them in advance like someone resigning ect, instead wait till last minute to fill the now empty slot or have the rest of the staff cover the empty time slot with over time for weeks on end. Then there is the heavy favoritism, it is very blatant when they have a favorite but will deny it or will toss the favorite to the side when they feel they will not be of use or have legal action pressed on them. The job its self is not hard except for the difficult callers they force you to deal with when you're just an answering agent who has no control what so ever, you're expected to handle it and make it all better so you can page the message out and only if the caller ends the call while keeping a low call time. What ruins this job is the extremely high expectations that quality puts on you and then will change to suit their agenda even if you follow it to the T. Best one is them forcing you to ask men if they are pregnant for some accounts, if you do it they dock you for not skipping the obvious, if you don't do it they dock you for not asking them the question and then fall back on their rules for doing the job. When you ask what you should be doing in that situation they either give the rule book answer that suits them or a vague answer. For med benefits you will get med and vision, no dental but they do pay it all. The coworkers are great as tends to be the norm with most call centers. What shift you get is up to luck and seniority,all the good shifts are taken by folks that have been there for years so you will - 
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Clients trump employees

Clock in employees must clock in no later than 5 minutes after your scheduled time or your written up regardless of the situation. Answering incoming calls of clients customers are greeted in a friendly and inviting voice no matter the situation or tone. If their customers call in screaming, yelling, call you vulgar names you must keep that friendly helpful tone - otherwise you are automatically fired. Know matter how the conversation begins or ends during a difficult call, you are unable to defend yourself regardless of what the caller calls you. The will say they are sorry you had to endure that situation, but hanging up or use any sharpe tone and they will fired. If you suffer from depression or anxiety and you miss handle a call and it's reported or pulled your fired. OFLA will not support you, even if you have PTSD. Management only cares about clients. TSR's are replaceable. They have a high turn over rate. I have personally seen 15 or more quite, get fired or walk out due to the unrealistic expectations of this company. You are only allowed to come in and do your job. Socialization is on your spear time. Talking to the people beside you is not welcomed. This is a difficult company to work for. They do not care for employees. They value their clients (their source of income) more than they ever will a Telephone Service Representative.
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Wonderful company to work for

Centratel is not your average call center job. There is no troubleshooting for hours with difficult customers or trying to upsell any products. Once you have an understanding of the job it is very straight forward. They also offer a set schedule with shift bids once a year. The people at Centratel are wonderful and hard-working. They make you feel welcome and part of the team.
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Centratel is a great place to work.

If you like a challenge and a job that will keep you on your toes, then Centratel is the place for you! Being a Telephone Service Representative is a fast-paced, multitasking job that is challenging at the start and very rewarding in the end! As long as you are able to follow the quality metrics and meet the bonus parameters, you can be making more money than some can with a degree. It's not hard to move up in this company. Put forth your best effort and you WILL succeed! Additionally, we have parties including great potlucks and games! We do secret Santa and also have a giving tree seasonally as well. Of course, none of this is required but it's nice to have those activities available. Our staff is amazing and everyone here is eager to help one another succeed. We have a great team. The hardest part of the job, in my opinion, is dealing with our clients' customers when we have to deliver bad news. Sometimes you will have to be the 'bad guy' and tell someone that there is no one available after hours and they will have to wait for their situation to be addressed when the office returns. (This is not always easy to tell someone.) The best advice for this is to not take it personally when they are not happy with your response(as long as you were empathetic of course!). Having empathy for our clients' customers is the best way to stay happy at Centratel and get past the hardest part of the job. All in all, I would recommend Centratel to anyone I know that likes to work hard and be rewarded for it.
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So much more than a 'typical call center' job.

Centratel is an Answering Service and therefore has a call center atmosphere. However, Centratel has taken every negative connotation I've previously associated with call centers and has changed my mind completely. I do not feel like they are 'micro-managing' workers, I fell like they are constantly providing tasteful and constructive feedback to ensure your growth as an employee as well as uphold their standards as a company. They offer extra training if you're struggling with any metrics, and in some cases offer way more chances to catch on than some people should be allowed. Management is constantly looking for opinions and feed back from employees to better suit the new breed of workers that have found their way to Centratel's doorstep and that is quite refreshing. Not many companies care enough to change their ways of training to suit new employees, Centratel does. Hourly compensation is great for entry-level work. Bonuses are well, a bonus! Their benefits offered exceed many other companies and are very gracious.
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Great Place to Work!

I started at Centratel 6+ years ago and intend on staying. They promote from within and I have been fortunate enough to be recognized. It's is a small company with a warm, friendly & casual atmosphere. Management is great, very approachable. Hard work is rewarded.
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Awesome Employer!

I have been with Centratel for several years now. Working here has given me opportunities for growth and advancement. It has allowed me to be financially stable and to improve my personal life as a result. In addition, Centratel has the best staff ever. We all get along and there is no interpersonal workplace stress, like some other places I have been. Everyone here communicates very well, which I appreciate. I won't lie - this is not an easy job. It can be very busy and a bit demanding. However, I feel the benefits are more than worth it. Centratel is a successful business built on solid principles. It has been around for a long time and it will be around for many years to come. If you thrive in a fast paced and challenging environment, this is a fantastic place to work.
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Helping others

This job is not for everyone but the rewards are great. At times you are not treated very nice by the callers but you have to remember they are in a stressful situation at times and need your assistance to reach help. You are that link for help. When you remember that, it is easier to brush off their grumpiness. It is important to work as a team and the stronger the team pulling together, the greater the company you work for will be.
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Great place to work!

I enjoy the work I do. I am able to assist others and provide them with excellent customer service. I also enjoy my co-workers and management staff who are very supportive.
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Great pay and benefits!

The pay and benefits are great. The bonus is easy to get and can really bump up your pay. We have set schedules and overtime is always available. There is opportunity for growth and advancement. It is a fast-paced environment but that makes the day go by faster. Sometimes the callers can be rude but that is just part of the job.
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Good Job

Every day is just a bit different from the previous one. I have learned that it is important to be patient in all aspects of my life. This job isn't for everyone and it is hard but it can be extremely rewarding. The people I work with make it a wonderful place to come to every day.
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Nice coworkers, poor management

The people that you work with are great. Management is lacking. They don't care about their employees or the hardships that they often cause. They only care about bodies filling the chairs. Sure they have a monthly *bonus* program, but if you're not meeting your stats to receive said bonus then you are not doing your job. And that's not okay with them.
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Stressful, fast paced but rewarding

I was told when hired that being a TSR is a hard job. I didn't believe anyone and it truly is hard but it is rewarding and as long as you don't take it home it is a great place to work. The staff is supportive and they want you to get your bonuses. There were slow days when call traffic was light and other days that were extremely fast paced. The rewarding side was when you'd take a call from someone needing help and you can take care of them. It isn't a job for everyone those that complain about short breaks are silly - Oreogn law allows for 10-minute breaks and that is exactly what we were given at work. In fact, during busy times or holidays management would bring in catered food. All in all, if I hadn't moved I would have stayed and liked to have grown more with the company.


good pay, nice people to work with, they care about the employees


some of the callers aren't very nice, it can get stressful, some employees have too much drama
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Great Job, Great People

This position gives me the ability to work at a fast pace and my days go by so fast. I am happy here and the number of workers here makes it a family-type atmosphere.
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Horrible place

They start out really nice. Then.... Micro manage. They use a tag system to use the restroom or take a break. If another employee keeps it you don't get a break. The training consists of criticizing and telling you your not good enough. So I would tell people looking at this company. Don't do it. It is a ugly environment to be in. The management has their friends who are treated nice, the rest are treated like garbage. The pay is no better than other companies.


Management are horrible.
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Not worth the Stress

If you want to work in extreme stress, people yelling at you on the phones and getting criticized constantly by management, then this job is for you. They expect you to be a robot, have no feeling for the caller and put up with their ridiculous rules. I haven't seen 1 person who seemed happy here....in fact they ALL complain. Would NOT recommend working here. Revolving door of people constantly coming and going.


Hour lunch


2 10 minute breaks, backstabbing among employees
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