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We asked employees why they love Schwab. Here’s what they had to say!

“I love working for Schwab because we have talented and passionate people that use technology to help solve business problems and embody the Schwab mission of through clients’ eyes.” Renee Schroeder, SVP, Schwab Technology Services

“Schwab’s mission and what we’re able to achieve by living our purpose of championing every client’s goals with passion and integrity really connected with me when I was considering joining Schwab. How our employees feel about the company – the experience they have working at Schwab – is directly reflected in their interactions with our clients.” Katie Casey, EVP, Human Resources


“There are opportunities for growth, access to Senior Leadership and a culture of feedback/coaching. At the end of the day, Schwab makes me a better person, both professionally and personally.” Michael Abbott, Regional Manager, Planning and Portfolio Group

“I love working at Schwab because I am consistently empowered, encouraged, and challenged to grow outside of my comfort zone. The energy at Schwab is infectious and we have an exciting and thriving culture!” Kelsey Williams, Vice President/Branch Complex Manager


“Our guiding principles, although stated differently over the years, all go back to seeing our business through our clients' eyes. Our clients, employees as well as our shareholders are all taken into consideration with every decision that is made. It’s very easy to love Schwab when I truly know deep down that Schwab loves me.” David S Rosenfeld, Vice President/Branch Manager

“There are many things I love about working at Schwab. I boil it down to 3 main points: Integrity (we always do the right things for our clients and employees); Culture (the way we treat employees translates to the way we interact with clients…. It is a great and fun place to work.); and Value (we can sleep at night because we are providing Wealth Management to our clients at a fantastic value)." Jim Gallagher, Vice President/Branch Manager


“I feel a deep, personal connection to our purpose, and believe passionately that our work has a direct and meaningful impact on millions of people’s financial future. That’s what inspires me and my team to do our best work every day.” Helen Loh, SVP, Content & Client Marketing

“I love Schwab because together, we help clients from all walks of life be financially fit.” Ladeitra Lee, Senior Manager, Software QA Engineer


Schwab employees - or “Schwabbies” - have a shared belief to make a noticeable difference and our company culture supports these aspirations. Schwab empowers you to build a significant career with purpose. Through development opportunities and learning programs, you can challenge yourself to stretch and grow your skills. We invest in your well-being and the communities in which we live and work—because when our people are at their best, so are we.

“Family matters!  One of the reasons why I love working at Schwab is family matters.” - Brenda Petrillo, TIS PMO Project Manager

“One-word CULTURE. The culture at Schwab is the best. It’s all about culture in my complex. It drives my team and deepens relationships with our clients.” Joe LaCagnina, Vice President / Branch Manager 

Your Opportunity

TECHNOLOGY: In today’s world, our clients experience Schwab through technology. From the intuitive interface design of our applications to the intelligent algorithms that serve up customized insights to financial professionals, it’s all about tech. We build enterprise scale web solutions that support high volume transactions in a highly available environment. You’ll find a commitment to agile software development methodologies as well as a modern tech stack.
“I’m a technologist, and I love working at Schwab because I am able to bring my passion for technology and software development to work and combine it with the passions and skills of others in order to bring Chuck Schwab’s vision to life – to make investing accessible to everyone.  The features we design and the code we deploy are a critical part of that vision and I feel energy and excitement by being part of something bigger than myself.” Andrew Yenchik, Managing Director, Software Applications Engineering

RISK AND REGULATORY: We’re passionate about protecting our client data, their privacy, and building trust every day. Schwab is committed to ensuring our clients and investors feel secure with us, and we have a robust team of talented individuals dedicated to executing an integrated strategy to help mitigate risk, safeguard our clients, and produce successful business outcomes.

“I love being a part of Schwab because I work for and with people who put the needs of our clients first in everything that we do.  I love the purpose of this company and I know I’m helping people have better, more secure lives.” - Elaine Logue, SVP First Line Risk Management Office

BRANCH NETWORK: Schwab’s Branch Network embodies the firm’s value of seeing through the client’s eyes on a daily basis by tirelessly striving to find solutions for our clients no matter where they are in their financial journeys. Schwab’s focus on financial planning, its wide array of products and solutions, and its transparent compensation structure all allow branch employees to focus on our clients needs. You are set up for success, including coaching and development and mentorship from leadership. You have a seat at the table with management and innovation is highly encouraged.

“At our firm we make it easy for our clients to achieve financial well being while making it easy for our employees to see things through our clients eyes!” Juliana Ramirez, Vice President, Assistant Branch Manager

SERVICE: Service is at the heart of Schwab’s culture. It’s not just about a providing great client experience, it’s about being empowered to grow your career, ask questions, and help our clients to own their tomorrow. We prepare our service professionals for success by providing the best tools, knowledge, and access to leaders that will cultivate their ability to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients. The service career path is aimed at creating a tailored path for each individual to build their business intuition and service development while providing world-class service for our clients.

“Since coming to Schwab, one of the biggest differentiators that I believe separates us from the competition is our commitment to innovation.  Time and time again, Schwab has proven to be an agent of change with the intent to make investing more accessible to the general public.  It makes me proud when I see the company I work for make decisions that benefit the client and not just the bottom line.” Brent Shields – Managing Director, Client Service and Support

Interns and Recent Grads

Start your career at Schwab, where you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our clients and gain diverse business experiences.

Schwab Intern Academy: A paid 9-week summer program for juniors/rising seniors and graduate students that provides a structured blend of learning programs, team-building activities, networking opportunities, and enriching work projects.

New Employee Recruitment and Development (N.E.R.D) Program: A 9-month program for new college graduates that offers extensive training and development on technologies and soft-skills.

Financial Consultant Academy: An 18-24 month rotational program that prepares individuals for a consultative role in one of our branches.

“Schwab’s Intern Academy gave me more than the opportunity to jump start my career, it set me on a path to find myself both professionally and personally. Because of the Intern Academy, I walked away from my internship and into my full time role at Schwab with a deeper appreciation for the work around me, the opportunities for growth within me, and the inspiration of the people beside me.” - Hannah Ewing, Intern to Full-time Schwabbie

Career Development

At Schwab, you have the opportunity to grow as far as your ambition takes you! Career Building Opportunities (CBOs) at Schwab provide day in the life experience in another role and business area. Hear more from current Schwab employees on how their experience has enhanced their talents and furthered their career goals:

“I’ve been the lucky recipient of two career-building opportunities during my time at Schwab. It’s an incredible feeling working for a company that puts so much emphasis on their employee’s development and encourages inter-departmental networking. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without the opportunities I’ve been provided.” Daniel Buchholz: Client Service and Support > Client Relationship Specialist > Sourcing Advisor, Talent Acquisition

“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams!” I am loving it.  Using my head in a different way has been fantastic not only for my personal development but for all the ideas that I can bring back to Talent Acquisition.” Nicole Stefanski: Talent Advisor > HR Systems and Operations

“My experience has been a breath of fresh air for me, having spent 8 years in the same role at Schwab I really needed something different. I’m grateful for the support of my leaders who encouraged me to take this opportunity and really initiated the conversation with me. The work has given me an opportunity to think differently and learn a new skill and possibly grow a new career.” Valerie Yrigolla: Talent Advisor > Program Manager, Employer Branding and Social Media


For more than 40 years, we've been building a business designed to help people take control of their financial futures. The same applies to our people. That's why we invest in our employees and their futures, providing them with a valuable benefits package that not only helps them stay healthy but also gives them complimentary financial advice.

Benefits Highlight - Sabbatical

Schwab believes that extended continuous time off offers long-term employees valuable time to recharge. Schwabbies enjoy a 28-day paid sabbatical every five years of employment. From downtime with families to great adventures, sabbatical stories are a valued Schwab life benefit!

Diversity and Inclusion

Our company has always been dedicated to building and maintaining a dynamic organization and culture that values and reflects the individual strengths of every employee. We understand that through diversity, we gain a wider range of perspectives and experiences, which benefits everyone and enables us to support our business strategy of "seeing through clients’ eyes."

Our commitment to building an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued is part of what sets us apart. We believe diversity and inclusion (D&I) are part of our success as a company, our unique culture and our purpose of serving every client with passion and integrity.

“I love Schwab because I am encouraged to bring my whole, authentic self to work every day.” Rachel Emery, Managing Director, Client Service & Support

“We value our diversity and differences to encourage a holistic work environment.” Gautam Vangala, CFP®, Vice President, Client Service & Support

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our ERGs are employee-driven groups developed around specific dimensions of diversity in support of our D&I strategies. ERG membership is growing at a notable pace, and currently, more than 35% of our employees participate as members in 115 chapters. Our 11 ERGs include:


We understand there are ways that our time, talents, and resources can make a broader impact. That is why we help our people devote their energies to giving back to causes that matter to them and their communities in the following ways:

Paid time off to volunteer time

Schwab Community Ambassadors

Schwab Volunteer Week

Pro Bono Challenge

In-kind donations

Matching gifts program

Corporate philanthropy

Social Media


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