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How long does it take to get hired from start to finish? What are the steps along the way?


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Honestly, it depends on the job. however, it is not worth the wait. it seems like every other job is back logged in hiring. it seems like they interview a million people and never hire anyone. they talk about promotional and open exams like they are so ready to hire people. Its a complete waste. As the person below stated, 'the only way to get hired by the city is to know people who are already in. It really sucks. If your a quality person, you will most certainly get ignored and placed on some list that will be eventually thrown away because you don't know anybody. example: I interviewed for elevator mechanic three times, by the same people. They asked the same questions. before each interview, they sent emails enticing me as if this time was going to be the one to get me in. However, each time was a complete waste of time. To make it worse, they have a website that shows hiring list and the number of people on that list. Explain this to me: if they were doing all these interviews and giving descriptions about wanting to hire people for all shifts, why have the numbers showing the amount of people in the list haven't changed? in other words, its as if they sent out bulletins, built peoples hopes up, scheduled all these interviews, and then sat around and laughed at peoples attempts. seriously, whats the sense of giving all these interviews, and then not hiring anyone. or if you hire someone, it takes a whole year it seems. Yes I'm a jealous person and I totally envy those that have got in. At this point, I absolutely hate the city, their hiring behavior, their overall human resource department. Someone needs to regulate this entity because seriously; why should it take 8 months or more to hire someone? What exactly does human resource workers do all day? I cannot fathom what goes on in taking 6 plus months to hire someone?! By the time they hire you, youll have dementia from old age! I bet if 9 jobs opened up because suddenly 9 people quit, it would still take the city 6 plus months to hire someone! seriously, after an interviewer selects a new employee, what happens next? does this request of a new employee sit in some file cabinet that has spider webs all over it? does the person who actually sends the 'your hired" email have 4 months to prepare a simple email that explains the city's wanting to hire you? That's how jacked up it is. My whatever you need to do to meet people that work for the city. Even if they are your worst enemy or whatever, use them for their LACity connections.


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Less than a week.

Answered - Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) - Los Angeles, CA

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The entire hiring process depends on the type of examination. It can range from 2 months to 1 year (from the start of when applications are accepted) depending on if it is a multi-hurdle assessment (e.g. multiple choice and interview or just interview).

Answered - Personnel Research Analyst (Current Employee) - Los Angeles, CA

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It took about 30 days. I went through a PACE program

Answered - Office Clerk (Former Employee) - Los Angeles, CA

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Answered - Test Examination Proctor (Current Employee) - Los Angeles, CA

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It took about a year or so to become apart of this job

Answered - Traffic Officer (Former Employee) - Los Angeles, CA

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I volunteered for a year or so before I was offered a job. You almost have to know someone who's already in that could get you an application. I was lucky enough to have someone see my potential and work ethic, so they provided me with a job. I don't know if things have changed since then; but from my understanding, once you get an application, you're pretty much hired.

Answered - Recreation Assistant (Former Employee) - Rancho Cienega Sports Complex

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IT took me less than a month.

Answered - Crossing Guard (Former Employee) - Los Angeles, CA

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