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CLEAR’s mission is to strengthen security and create frictionless experiences for consumers. We believe you are you and by using your biometrics - your fingerprints, eyes, and face - we keep you moving. Imagine a world where you can do virtually everything you need to – breeze through the airport, buy a beer at the game, check-in at the doctor’s office, – 

The Role of Our Ambassadors

For the Love Of...

When we think about bright spots during 2020, we think about the people. Our CLEAR Ambassadors, and so many others, continue to show up to make life a little brighter, safer and easier for us all. Tell us, how do you finish this sentence: I show up for the love of…

Things of the Past

At CLEAR, we're making wallets extinct. How? Instead of losable IDs and cards, CLEAR uses your eyes and fingertips to confirm that you are you – so you can zip through airports, stadiums, rental car lots and more.


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All his life, Jimmy's had to get in line and show his ID just to prove he's Jimmy. That is, until Jimmy found CLEAR.

Dog's Best Friend

All his life, Jimmy's dog has had a not so secret obsession: Jimmy's wallet. But thanks to CLEAR, the only thing that Jimmy needs to move through the Jimmy.

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