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CSI has dedicated resources to providing an all-inclusive work environment with a performance and compliance based compensation structure, on campus fitness center, tuition reimbursement program and life assistance services. Our employee benefits program offers discounts on practical living expenses, such as car repair, cell phones, and computers.

These initiatives are the foundation of our employee-centric mission and act as a platform for individuals to maximize opportunities for professional growth and success. These benefits were created to foster a positive, productive, work environment that ultimately leads to enhanced performance.

We bring our brand and support to the local community through toy drives, food donations, and fundraisers for local and national charitable organizations. We also enjoy holding company events and contests, such as: Cardinals Opening Day lunch, Department BBQs, food trucks on payday, Halloween Costume Contest, etc.

Customer Feedback

Client Services, Inc. (CSI) has a reputation for providing consistently high quality service to our clients as well as their customers. We are recognized by our clients as providing a positive customer experience while maintaining exceptional compliance standards. CSI has long achieved this distinction through significant investments in quality processes and procedures and most importantly in the quality of people we hire. This is evidenced by the customer feedback we regularly receive. Please note that the last names of our employees are withheld for confidentiality purposes.

"Shonda was so obliging and so nice and it was such a pleasure. I know that I owe money to you and if you owed me money, I would be screaming at you. Instead she was very professional and very courteous. I just want you to know how much I appreciate that."

"In light of what you (Chelesie) do, you sound like you also have a heart and I appreciate that. Thanks so much."

"Craig is unbelievable. He was willing to work with me when I was having a hard time. I appreciate him. He is well spoken and courteous."

Our agent Stephanie received a letter complimenting her hard work, sensitivity and professionalism during a recent call. Below is a portion of what the consumer had to say about their interaction with Stephanie: "…I felt "safe" in talking with Stephanie. I didn't feel judged in any manner for my situation. If anything, Stephanie made me feel like my situation was extraordinarily common and something about which I did not need to be embarrassed. [Stephanie] responded with the care and concern of a deeply invested therapist whose only motivation was to ensure that her patient felt listened to, supported and "cured". Her demeanor and professional handling of my situation put me at ease and actually helped me overcome my embarrassment. If those in my situation knew Stephanie existed, I am sure they would be less hesitant to make that dreaded phone call to handle a very embarrassing situation. So it is with great respect that I commend the work of Stephanie and with gratitude that I express my appreciation for her compassionate and sympathetic handling of my case."

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