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The worst in modern history. They don't have an intercom system. So if you answer the phone, and someone needs to speak to a person, you end up running around the entire store (even though your responsibilities are not getting done) trying to find that person so they can pick up the phone. They demand you hard close and push people to take merchandise instead of having it delivered so they can refuse to take the merchandise back with a restocking fee. They charge each customer a $100.00 application fee just to take out a loan and you are required to brow beat that customer about how bad their credit is and make them feel that paying $100.00 is a privileged to get a loan of $500. dollars. they charge upward of 40% on their loans and demand that customers pay for their property insurance or physically come back to the store with their home owners declaration insurance page just to take that extra $600.00 or $700.00 off the account. When you go on YouTube and search Conns Repair Service Program you'll see that they are getting sued because they hard close all their customers into taking a repair service program for each thing they buy which adds up to thousands. Then when the customer say, I have a problem, that problem is never covered. The management will bring their friends on board and feed (slide them under the table) credit applications that have been approved online for 5k to 9k while everyone else fights for the 2k approvals. There is absolutely no support for the area managers, thus, there is no support for the managers, and the sales associates will sit in front of a customer who has a problem and the manager will not even walk over to try and fix it because they have no way of fixing it. The regional VP for Dallas is very ego driven and if you dropped dead on the floor, he'd demand that your exit interview read that you abandoned the job. In the 25 to 30 years I've been in the career job market, I've never seen a worse company to work for. There is no soda or snack machine, no employee lockers, no eating utensils like plastic knives, forks, paper plates or napkins. And there has been several times we've had to send porters to the store with cash register money to buy toilet paper for the bathrooms. You are forced to buy your own business cards and their business phones do not reach some local phone numbers so they put pressure on you to use your personal phone. If a customer decides he wants to pick an order up instead of having it delivered or vice versa or decides he wants to add one thing to his order or take one thing off his order the manager will call his or her friend over and have them re-write the entire order in their name and cancel your order. And I have personally seen $10,000.00 , $5,000.00 , orders rewritten. This means you lose your entire commission for that sales and the managers (or area manager's) buddy now gets the sale and your commission. If you report it, you are gone. The work culture comes directly from the top. Dishonest, disloyal, uncaring, ruthless, and greedy self centered arrogance. If you decide to work there, go there like you would a Las Vegas Casino. They are there to take the customers money and yours at the same time. You will go their happy and feel like you are wanted, you will leave thinking how is this company still in business. I have watched people come from other stores and quite the 1st day out of training because their computer system has so many glitches that it is impossible to really work. Orders fail and you spend another hour trying to rewrite them, every sales price override you have to call a corporate hot line number and you are place on hold for 20 to 30 minutes and the hotline personnel are extremely rude and will hand up on you in a fast and make you go back on hold again. This company has to go into other store to recruit employees because they've burned so many employees that they are finding it difficult to get people to work for them.

Answered December 16, 2019

This is a very unprofessional and unethical place of employment. In my 15 years in the work force I can honestly say this has been the worst place I ever have worked. Customer service here is an absolute joke. They care nothing about the merchandise they sale to their customers sending out damaged products and lord forbid the customer signs the paperwork they are stuck with the product because their return policy is horrible . The cost of some of the furniture is $500 but they mark it up to $2000 and refuse to help customers in need of furniture by giving them discounts so they can purchase. They care nothing about veterans it’s hard as heck to get a discount after serving your country. Management is horrible they lie, backstab each other and employees to get their salary and care nothing about employees.... DO NOT WORK HER3

Answered March 17, 2020

You will stand a better chance of getting benefits that actually cover medical, dental, vision from buying a lottery ticket than this company. You will massively overpay for a health plan that isn't worth the actual printer ink it took to print.

Also the upper management has calculated a systematic way of deliberately pushing down the hourly rate of a sales person by making them stay 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours after the store closes which reduces their hourly rate, when you go on vacation, you will not be compensated correctly and your paycheck will suffer. If you do have to use FMLA the management will pressure you and push you to disregard doctors orders so they can keep their store floor flooded so no one makes any money.

They frequently take away days off and often schedule meetings at other stores with little to no advance notice. So if you have children or a family member you help on a day off, you will become an unreliable source of help for them. They expect you to allow your family to go to the hospital alone so you can attend a washer and dryer info meeting or a TV educational seminar. There is no benefit to having a company who tells you that you have 2 days off, and one day before your day off assigns you to be completely across town at an unplanned meeting.

All other types of business you have a set schedule, but with this company, you never know when you work till the last minute. And if they put out a schedule 2, 3, or even 4 weeks in advance, it means nothing. They'll demand you show up on your day off for some type of meeting. You will not be allow to clock in for that meeting so you will not get paid, and you will not get drive pay at all. But if you do not go, you will be disciplined.

If you are on vacation and they hold a meeting, you will be called into that meeting and be expected to show up. Again, you will not be allow to clock in and not be paid for the mileage.

They often allow people to come to work and not clock in and take sales ups. This reduces the amount of sales of the people who are clocked in. When the person who is not clocked in writes a sales order, all they have to do is call in a time clock override. This company will allow anyone to show up on their vacation and/or day off and pull this stunt because it drives down more wages, thus saves them money when people take vacations (that their definition of benefits).

The biggest benefit is that if you make a mistake and the cashier doesn't collect the right amount of money, (regardless if you get a managers override or a corporate override), (regardless if it is for $5.00 or $500.00) this company will take it out of your check. This company is the most dishonest company I've ever seen when it comes to taking money from its employees.

I've seen homeless and section 8 benefits look better than this company offers its store employees. But to its board of directors and executives, they get the real benefits. I wonder if this CEO has ever thought of just how vile his employee think of him after working here for 6 months to a year. But then again, you can tell he just doesn't give 2 cents. You have to sign a paper that you are able to lift 25 to 50 pounds but yet they provide their sales staff with no safety belts for your back and no protection for your body while moving heavy refrigerators. And if you wait for someone to help you, you'll wait for hours and not sell a thing all day. I've seen many employees hurt themselves trying to move things because they underpay their porters and drastically they can't keep them. One day someone is really going to get hurt and then the only benefit is going to be that Conns Home Plus will blame it one them instead of their system that actually is flawed with disregard for employee protection.

And finally, we were forced to sign a paper that stated if we were getting robbed that we as employees would be required to fight back. As we read this, all of us in the stores laughed and signed it. You let someone try and rob one of these stores and we'll stand completely out of his or her way and tell the courts why we showed him who had the safe combination. This was an insult that was so stupid and uncalled for that it was another example of this company's foolishness when promoting its culture of benefits.

Answered December 16, 2019

Going to work as a sales person and looking at 20 other sales people with no one coming in the doors. Watching the managers who make a good salary force you to mop the bathrooms and clean the toilets, move refrigerators and furniture while working on commission and not making a dime. Knowing that these people don't care if you become homeless and seeing managers call approved applications that come up on their on line system and giving those orders to their friends who give them a cut of the commissions or buy them lunch while you sit back and worry about how you are going to put gas in your car to get to work tomorrow. I made the biggest mistake of my career coming here. I was making 70k+ and I'm now at 22k and working like a porter. My resume is out and the end of this nightmare is close. Do yourself a massive favor. If you don't want to become a dishonest professional who's willing to do unethical things to make a living, you would do better to go on welfare as to come to this company and take on the shame and stress that's place on your shoulders. This is a very unethical company. You actually bring bad karma on yourself when you pass on 40% interest rates to people so they can have a refrigerator, and then call a manager over so he or she can brow beat them on how bad their credit is and how lucky they are to get a 40% loan.

Answered February 24, 2020

Bouns are granted if you meet tyour quoter .

Answered August 21, 2019

The upper management doesn't want to spend a dime on employees because Conns Home Plus has the highest turn over rate in the nation for sales and management and this could cost them millions. You buy your own business cards, shirts etc. So if they start drug testing, the sorry upper management here will probably start making you pay for your own drug and urine test.

Answered December 17, 2019

The work environment was competitive. Working hoyrs was good and I liked that. To do good in the interview have some sales knowledge.

Answered August 29, 2019

The pay for every position (even store management) has went down every year consistently for the past 6 years. You will make less and less every year because it is designed that way. They will be going to minimum wage for all positions (sales, front desk, porters etc). The CEO got a sizeable raise of 14 million per year but we've had to take on more tasks and our pay rates have went down. The stock for this company went from almost $80 dollars per share to $10 dollars per share within 6 months of this new executive management and so did our hourly rate fall also.

Answered July 14, 2020

If you have a heart beat, they will hire you. When you figure out that you are working practically 12 to 15 hour days for less than a target cashier because they make you stay 2 and 3 hours after the store closes and you become a janitor who's on sales commission with no one to sell to, you'll quit. A sales person on full commission is required to stay (all commissioned sales people) until the last person leaves, even the management. So, for 2&1/2 to 4 hours of your 13 hour shift you can't make any commissions, but you are require to stay, the management will have you consistently cleaning the store like a janitor. You will clean toilets, trash, sweep the entire store, mop the store, place all new tags on products. This company breaks the labor laws in so many ways it shows just how little Texas cares about its people.

Answered December 16, 2019
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