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About Core Digital Media

Core Digital Media brands empower people to improve their financial lives every day. We have helped millions of consumers save thousands of dollars off a variety of recurring expenses including their mortgage, insurance premiums, credit card fees, etc. We attempt to offer the optimal experience to each consumer through educational content and comparison-shopping – 
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News & Updates

September 21, 2022
Core Digital Media is once again listed as a Great Place to Work. This is 5 years running. We are very proud to make this list consistently and will continue to work on way to support and empower our team members.

Data Science and Analytics

Core Digital Media’s Data Team drives the business by creating a world-class data platform to provide analytical insight to all layers of our business. From marketing and consumer experience to product and sales, CDM’s commitment to analytical excellence is reflected in our data-driven values. Our data platform runs on a highly scalable, modern, cloud-based infrastructure. Our data engineers, data scientists, and analysts share a passion for extracting value from our investments in tools like Snowflake, Tableau, Attunity, Oracle, Microstrategy, Spark, Kafka, and comprehensive datasets like BlackKnight and Experian.

Technology at CDM

The CDM Technology Team is responsible for the development and operations of all the consumer-facing web applications and internal tools. Our products are in a constant state of evolution. We work tirelessly to optimize and enhance our experiences, increasingly so for mobile and other emerging platforms. Further innovation can be found in our marketing stack that empowers our marketing team to excel in online advertising. We drive the business by continuously improving our operational efficiency, security posture, and technology platform. Our platform runs on a highly scalable, modern, cloud-based AWS infrastructure. We leverage the power of microservices in Java and popular frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, React, and NodeJS to build enterprise-class applications. And we use advanced monitoring tools such as Datadog, Splunk, and Dynatrace to support operational resiliency quickly. We approach new initiatives as opportunities to innovate and introduce technologies such as MongoDB, Zookeeper, Kafka, to keep our stack current and integrate to AWS services like Lambda, SQS, etc.

Online Marketing Experts

Core Digital Media’s Marketing Team has one mission, to reach all current and aspiring homeowners in their preferred digital medium to drive awareness and engagement and improve their lives financially. We do this by bringing awareness and delivering valuable content through performance, organic, and relationship marketing across all digital mediums. The marketing group is highly specialized and fully in-house. The team is responsible for full marketing construction and consultation from ad creative to A/B testing to analytics and reporting. We have been a top digital performance advertiser for over 2 decades. CDM’s marketing team aims to help people make informed and confident decisions about their money by providing original content that is rigorously fact-checked by an experienced editor using recent, reputable and unbiased sources. We are industry-leading experts by platform and function.


Core Digital Media’s Product Team is passionate about building world-class experiences and products that help people achieve financial freedom. We are a cross-functional team responsible for product management, user experience (UX), and consumer research. The product team is responsible for determining product strategy, building product roadmaps, and defining innovative product features using a design-driven methodology. We value Product Managers who demonstrate leadership, ownership and data-driven decision making. We are a small, collaborative team that works to achieve the common outcome of creating exceptional digital products. Our stretch goals are to be the voice of our customers, to align with the larger organizational goals, to be continuously innovative, and to be a place for top performers that nurtures their career growth.